Sunday, August 29, 2010

"Washerboard Extravaganza" (Maple Valley, WA)

You get your name on this plaque if you throw "6 in a row" to win a game.

Bracket selection process for "Doubles" tournament.

My neighbors Mark and Brian.

Kalani cruising by the fountain.

The contest area.  Its set up on an old Pickleball court.

Brian getting his first game in.

Mark throwing while Bob watches him.

Here we go!  HIGA and Bob are teammates!

HIGA trying to score some points for the "Dream Team".


A view of the tournament from the deck.

Brian, HIGA and Bob.

Brian made it to the championship game, so they play on the special boards on the deck!

Brian ended up placing 2nd overall in the Doubles tournament.

Even Michelle competed!  You go southpaw washer thrower!

Louie, Bob and Michelle.

Louie getting some throws in.  She actually won the Consolation bracket and didn't plan to throw today!

Louie and Michelle.

I had a blast today at my first "Washerboard Extravaganza" tourney!  A big "mahalo" to Rich and Debbie who hosted the tournament and put on a huge spread of food and drinks for us.  I am still full from eating and snacking!
I was able to get 4th overall in "Doubles" with my neighbor Bob, so I was pretty stoked!  I didn't do good in "Singles" though...still had lots of fun!

Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

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