Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter to all!

Tried to draw the Bulky Boy logo but da buggah look like one Goblin. 
Good thing I am not a Graphic Designer!  Happy Easter!
HIGA MONSTER Bulky Boy strongman team

Sunday, March 24, 2013

HIGA MONSTER eats at "Red Mill Burgers" (Seattle, WA)

Finally got to eat a burger at the famous, Red Mill Burgers!
My friend, Max Broburg, also works there & stopped by to say "howzit" after work.

I PUNISHED this Double-bacon deluxe & cheese burger!

It was well worth the wait!  One of the best burgers we have ever eaten.  No wonder Oprah Winfrey said this "is one of the 20 hamburgers you must eat before you die!"

You gotta eat one in your lifetime!
HIGA MONSTER Bulky Boy strongman team

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 2 of the "Arizona Aloha Festival" (Tempe, AZ)

The sun was out for the last day! 

I heard da chicken at this booth was ONO but never got a chance to try.

Braddah Dave grinding a Loco Moco before the festival opens.

I feel the need to get its time for my SAMOAN FEAST!

I love eating at this booth! I sampled it last year & had to come again!

First, I got a huge cup of Suafai'i while they cooked my plate...
(Hot banana soup w/coconut milk & tapioca)

Time fo' eat brah!

Our new Samoa t-shirt was a hit with da Uso's...

These ladies bought a HIGA MONSTER shirt.  Mahalos!

My cousins Nina & Julie stopped by with cousin in law Kevin & da keikis!
It was so great to see them!  They live in the Phoenix area.  Love you all!

Started to get hot so I had to buy some Shave Ice for us.
With da "snow cap" on it baby!

All pau clean up our booth...see you next year Arizona!
Mahalo for all your support of Bulky Boy!

We ran into "Flea Market Dave" at our hotel!
We met him last year.  He was is a huge baseball fan & was in town for some Padres spring training games.
Braddah Dave is originally from Kealakekua & now lives in Turlock, CA & runs a 5th generation Flea Market there.  Good to see you brah!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 1 of the "Arizona Aloha Festival" (Tempe, AZ)

Was raining hard the day before, so braddah Dave had to "dumpster dive" and dig out some cardboard from da In & Out Burger across from our hotel.  LMFAO!

Check out this MASSIVE kapa cloth that Aunty unrolled by our booth!  Bulky!

My friend's sister, Jocelyn, stopped by our booth to say, "howzit!"

Sistah Andy Moristo stopped by to say, "Wassup!"

Time fo'grind lunch brah!  Mahalos to braddah Biggins for hooking us up!

Braddah Zach Hilburn bought himself a HIGA MONSTER shirt today!

Trying to sneak in a bite to eat cause was busy at our booth!

Da buggah was ONO brah...

Chamorros in da house!  Mahalos for stopping by our booth cuz!

This is was frickin BULKY BOY rubbish can, brah!

Met these kids last year...they work a Shave Ice booth & was grindin Lau-Laus.

This guy was running up the mountain here in Tempe, saw there was a huge festival going on and decided to come down & check it out. He ended up buying a HIGA MONSTER shirt & is here cause his son is playing a lacrosse game here vs Arizona State.  He live an hour from Philadelphia & it was great to meet him!

This haole kid was so cool!
Grew up with a Hawaiian family & spoke fluent Pidgin!  You go boy!

Day 1 is in da books!  Sipping on some beers at our hotel here in Tempe...

Just met these braddahs who drove down from Flagstaff, AZ.
They go to college up there!  Ty Vesperas & Brad Nueku from Hilo & O'ahu.

Bulky Boy "dumpster diving" in Arizona

Dinner in Scottsdale, Arizona last night.

HIGA MONSTER & his hamachi & tobiko-uzura "starter plate".

Dave & Kit pounding some sushi at "Geisha a Go-Go" (Scottsdale, AZ)

HIGA'S frickin AWESOME sashimi platter!

We are headed out to breakfast, then to our booth at Tempe Beach Park.
Be sure to come check us out if you live in the Phoenix area and stock up on product!

HIGA MONSTER Bulky Boy strongman team

Friday, March 8, 2013

HIGA MONSTER will be at the "Arizona Aloha Festival" this weekend! (Tempe, AZ)

Come by & visit me & the crew at our booth this Saturday & Sunday!
I am flying out to Phoenix today to meet up with da crew from Bulky Boy and we will set up our booth today at Tempe Beach Park.
Please come by if you live in the Phoenix area and buy yourself some shirts, shorts or hats from the HIGA MONSTER.
For more information, click on the link below!
Have a great weekend my braddahs & sistahs!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pictures from "The Cage" 2013 (Columbus, Ohio)

Competitive eater, "Furious Pete" and HIGA MONSTER.

Ben Seath, HIGA, Dan "The Savage" Green & Eric Spoto at Chicago airport.

Seath & I met this USAF airman at Chicago & laced him up with an Animal shirt.
He was headed home for a month off from Afghanistan.  Nice to meet you Michael Williams!

My dinner after a long day of travel from Seattle to Ohio.
Wings & chili-cheese fries!  All this was only $11 too brah!

Why is Ben Seath always looking at my crotch?  Wtf?

Me & Mike O'Hearn "bringing sexy back..."

Our custom-made Chucks that Animal Pak made for the athletes!

The custom made bench made by Legend Fitness for the Cage.  
Those are 200 lbs dumbbells!

Me & the "Juggernaut" Chad Wesley Smith.

Brandon Lilly, about to deadlift 800 lbs Raw.  No belt or suit!

HIGA, Steve Slater and Zack McCarley.

Odd Haugen and HIGA.

P Diesel, HIGA, Brandon Lilly & Chad Smith.

ROGUE Fitness booth.  Check out the USA flag of bumper plates!

HIGA, the legend Ed Coan & P Diesel after our deadlift battle.

We stopped in for a workout at Beyond Limits Training.  Sweet place!

I helped some of the boys with Log Press & Atlas Stones.

Me & the owner of Beyond Limits, Rich Lauro.

After training at Beyond Limits, we DESTROYED massive amounts of meat at Rodizio's Brazilian steak house!  It was so awesome!

My "Loose Cannon IPA" was very tasty!

"The Natural" Randy Couture stopped by the Cage!

P Diesel being so ghetto on how he "washes his hands" by rubbing it on a bar.

Me, Niko Huslander & Ben Seath.

My old Powerlifting coach & current IPF referee, PJ Couvillion.

"The Ant" Richard Hawthorne getting ready to deadlift 620 lbs at 132 lbs BW.

700 lbs loaded on the bar for Eric Spoto to bench press.

The National ABC at Metro Fitness.
Over 250 Animals showed up!  You wear an ANIMAL shirt, you enter the gym.

Me wearing the special commemorative shirt ANIMAL PAK made for 150 lucky members!
30th anniversary edition.

While everyone was about to slam their Animal Rage shots before the ABC, Ben Seath is about to be poisoned by drinking some of the gym cleaner liquid...

Marshall "Freakshow" Johnson & his awesome water bottle.
Now thats ANIMAL.

Now thats a BULKY BOY...probably 7 neck rolls on that braddah.

Chad Smith warming up towards him squatting 700 lbs for 10 reps!

Brandon Lilly creator of "The Cube Method".

Jesse "The Phenom" Norris deadlifted 775 lbs at a BW of 198 lbs.
He is only 19 years old!

What a weekend it was!  See you at the Cage in 2014!