Monday, May 30, 2011

HIGA's Memorial Day 2011 workout

Much aloha to all the Veteran's in the USA and abroad,
Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ken Nowicki, BodyPower Results

Just when I seem to get a break of free time something else comes up to keep me away from getting things done; anyway, I've now got some time again so here is the write up from the weekend along with some pictures from the heavyweight show.

Final placings were; Saturday 10th from 17, Sunday Loz, Rob and I finished 2nd.

There was a delay with the opens for unforseen circumstances which left a lot of the heavy guys flat when it came time to compete. I have been having bother with my knees dipping during pressing and I knew the log and press medley would be really poor because of it.

Log I only did 1, head was all over the place cause as soon as I dipped I was getting shooting pains in both knees. Left in a not very happy mood.

Deadlift I did 11 reps, 1 more than Winter Giants in December and a lot more clean reps too so very happy.

Sandbags were pretty easy, even without any specific conditioning work since London and a heavy cold the past few weeks I did them all in 22s to tie Gary.

Car Hold was a real disappointment. My grip had been feeling really good in training, and the pick up felt really easy but as soon as I locked out the hands started opening. 8s I think.

Press medley only did the db and keg, was flat as a pancake here and had zero energy left.

170k stone over 54" for reps, only second time touching a 170k stone and did 3reps, just missed the 4th with a Poundstone-essque miss.

Sunday went a lot better, was really up for it even though I was really sore from the day before. I googled patella taping on Sat night and taped both knees and the difference it made was incredible, zero pain when dipping.

First up was 130k farmers for distance, I started and did a lap of the circuit, Rob took from where I dropped for just over half a lap then Loz finished off for a total distance of 105ish metres, 3rd. Felix got 1st and Darren 2nd.

Log next, 130k for reps from shoulders, Rob was having a hard time before this cause he hadn't been well all week and the effects were still there. I don't know how many Rob did before Loz switched places. I then jumped in for a gay triple before Rob and then Loz again finished the time; 25 reps and 1st place for us here. Darren 2nd and Fe 3rd.

650kg 2 man deadlift, Rob and Loz did this one for us and hit a nice 10 reps for a 2nd place. Fe and Jack did 12 for the win; Jay and Gary 7 for 3rd.

Next was the sandbags, 6 bags to be run in and loaded; 2 each. We surprisingly won this event with a time of 32s, not sure on the other times but Fe got 2nd and Darren 3rd.

Car Hold like Saturday again, and again a disaster for me think our combined time was about 25s, 20 of which was Loz! Not sure where the teams placed here.

Stones last, 170kg for reps. I was really up for this cause I wanted to make up for my poor stones on the Saturday. Was a 2min time limit with two guys, so it was Rob and myself. I started and did 5 reps, Rob came in for 4 I think then I think I did another 2, then Rob 2 and I jumped in with 10s left, but couldn't get it high enough. 13 reps for us, I know Gary and Jay did 14; not sure about Fe and Jack.

Overall it was great experience, new things learned and confidence is really high now.
Here's some pics from the Sat show;

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Washington's Strongest Apple 4" is only 10 days away!

Check out the awesome contest t-shirt that Bulky Boy designed for this year's contest!

Its time for the "Washington's Strongest Apple 4" to come to the City of Des Moines marina!  So far, I have 31 competitors, including 4 women.  HIGA MONSTER is excited to bring another top-notch amateur Strongman contest to the Seattle area.

There are competitors from Washington and Oregon, and I'm sure they are going to bring alot of intensity to the marina on June 4th 10am-3pm.
Please stop on by if you are in the area.  Admission is FREE.  Just bring a folding chair and enjoy the show!  Here is the address to the contest:

City of Des Moines Marina
22307 Dock Avenue
Des Moines, WA 98198

A big "mahalo" to all of my sponsors for this contest!  Bulky Boy Clothing Company, Animal Pak, Trapper's Sushi, Imperial Fitness and Imperial CrossFit.  I appreciate all of your support in helping me put this contest together.

Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team


HIGA MONSTER 5/24/11 workout in Honolulu

Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Washington's Strongest School 2" (Seattle, WA)

Kristyn Whisman rockin the Bulky Boy shirt!

Congratulations to the Juanita High School Rebels for winning their 2nd title in a row!  It was a great competition today between these high school kids, and I am honored to be a part of this contest to help the "Austin Foundation" and my friend Willie Austin.

The final overall placings were:
  1. Juanita High School  28 points
  2. Franklin High School  20.5 points
  3. The Austin Foundation  17.5 points
  4. Chief Sealth High School & SW Youth and Family Services  15 points
  5. Muckleshoot Tribal School  9 points

HIGA MONSTER on the microphone, rockin the Bulky Boy shorts too!

To see some great photos of the contest, please check out local photographer Jim Wallingford's website:
There are 917 photos that Jim Wallingford & Shannon Gill took of these kids giving their all in 6 grueling events!

Award-winning Seattle-Times photographer Alan Berner also shot some photos that came out in the Sunday newspaper today!  We made the front page of the "Local" section.
Alan actually came out on assignment to the contest, and then went to a banquet later that night and WON an award for his distinguished journalism!!  How cool was that of him to come by and visit our contest?
Alan Berner and HIGA MONSTER.

Thank you to Daniel Jahn, Leilani Finau, Maximum Sports Conditioning, and all the rest of the staff & volunteers who came out to help yesterday!  Its all about the kids in our local communitues, and I'm proud to be a part of it!

Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

Friday, May 20, 2011

HIGA MONSTER 5/18/11 workout

Happy Aloha Friday!
Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

Ken Nowicki, Long Overdue Post!!

It's been a very long time since I posted last. I've not had much time as of late for anything other than school and training.

I finished my degree in chemical engineering last week so that's 5years of work done and now to find a job.

On the training front I'm on my way to the BodyPower Expo in Birmingham, England for a heavyweight competition on Saturday and a team show Sunday as I type this. I'll make sure to upload some pictures and footage when I get back.

I also did a demo at a show last week as part of a fundraiser for the charity which provided medical equipment and support to the unit my father was in during his illness. I'm just waiting for pictures to be emailed through and then I'll throw a wee write up together.

I'll try to post live updates over the weekend, but there will be nightly updates at the very latest.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

HIGA MONSTER at "Mugs and Jugs" (Sequim, WA)

Good times with my friends after the "Sequim Strongman Showdown" this past weekend!
Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

Monday, May 16, 2011

"Washington's Strongest School 2" is this Saturday 5/21/11.

Once again, the HIGA MONSTER will be the MC at this event for 7 local high schools in the Seattle area.  Looking forward to seeing these kids compete for the bragging rights of being "Washington's Strongest School".

Some of the events include a Tractor Tire Flip, Golf cart push (with 2 people in it) and a Agility Course.
The weather is supposed to be great, and I can't wait to get on the microphone and cheer these kids on!

For more information, please check out their Facebook page:

Or you can also get more info at the Maximum Sports Conditioning website:

Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

"Sequim Strongman Showdown" pics & video

HIGA deadlifting a car with 2 girls in it + 300 lbs of plates in the trunk.

HIGA getting ready to try and press the 396 lb "Big Dog Log".

 DSC_0178 (2)
The new grip exercise that Karl Gillingham and Dave Ostlund taught me...pinching bottlecaps in between your fingers!  This was so hard!  Dave & Karl filled a cup full of bent caps that night!

I placed 5th place overall, out of 9 competitors.  I'm pretty stoked with my overall performance, especially in the Car Deadlift for reps and 351 lb Stone for reps.

Here are more phenomenal pictures that local photographers, Jim Wallingford and Shannon Gill posted on his website:

Thank you to the city of Sequim for another awesome time at the 116th Irrigation Festival!  Can't wait for next year's show.

Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

Thursday, May 12, 2011

"Sequim Irrigation Festival Strongman" is tomorrow 5/13/11

HIGA is looking forward to competing tomorrow!

Sequim, WA is the hometown of my late friend Jesse Marunde.
(Hawaii's Strongest Man 2005)

Tomorrow night from 6pm-8pm, some serious Strongmen will be lifting HEAVY things at the "Sequim Irrigation Festival".  This contest will be part of the Logging Show they have in conjunction with the festival.
The Irrigation Fesitval is the oldest running festival in Washington state:

Competitors list:
  1. Grant Higa (Washington)
  2. Karl Gillingham (Minnesotta)
  3. Dave Ostlund (Minnesotta)
  4. Van Hatfield (Utah)
  5. Corey St Clair (Idaho)
  6. Brad Dunn (Florida)
  7. Breck Gault (Washington)
  8. Kevin Nee (Arizona)
The events will be Press Medley, Car Deadlift for reps (bar in front), Yoke Walk/Farmers Walk medley and a 365 lb Stone over a bar for reps.
I am looking forward to competing with everyone in the hometown of Jesse Marunde.  A big thanks to "SARGE" John Allen for putting this show together again.  He has put in alot of work and goes above & beyond to make sure this is one of the best Strongman contests in the Northwest.

I will take alot of pictures and video as usual.  Come by if you are in the area!

Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

HIGA MONSTER's 5/7/11 workout at "Big Gym" (Hood River, Oregon)

Much love and aloha to my Grandpa James Agbayani.  We will miss you dearly.
Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Animal Outreach" at Giaudrone Middle School (Tacoma, WA)

HIGA MONSTER pressing a Log for the kids on 5/4/11

Big mahalos to Patti Farren.  She is the Site Coordinator of the "Husky Impact Program" at Giaudrone Middle School.  This is an afterschool program, and Patti asked if I could come by to do a Strongman demonstration and give an inspirational talk for the kids.
Patti is the Aunt of my late friend, Jesse Marunde.  So I was definitely on board to help her out.

I was able to get fellow Animal Pak athlete Ben Seath to join me with this community event, and Patti asked her workout friend Audra Boltin to come and help us too. 

This is my second time hosting an "Animal Outreach" here in Washington state.  Definitely an honor to possibly make a difference in the youth of our community.

Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

Friday, May 6, 2011

Cinco de Mayo deadlifts w/HIGA MONSTER (North Bend, WA)

My friend Betsy & her husband Tim came from Renton to see me lift.  Thanks Betsy!

Wow, there was so many drunk people last night trying to lift the barbell as I was warming up.  I wonder how many of them are feeling as they wake up today, after their "liquid courage" wore off?  LMAO

Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"Animal Outreach" with HIGA MONSTER & Ben Seath


Animal Pak powerlifter Ben Seath

Tomorrow afternoon, Ben Seath and I will be hosting the 2nd "Animal Outreach" here in Washington.  The two of us will be heading down to Tacoma, WA tomorrow at Giaudrone Middle School.  Our event will take place on Wednesday May 4, 2011 from 3pm-4:30pm PST.

There will be over 70 kids ready to workout with Ben and I.  We are going to take them through 12 exercise stations that will only utilize their bodyweight. (push-ups, crunches, bear crawls, jumping jacks, planks, etc)  I also got some ANIMAL shirts that we will give away to the top perfoming student in all 12 exercise stations.

We want to show these kids that they can still get a good exercise regimen even if their family can't afford to pay for a gym membership or allow them to play any sports.
After the workout, Ben and I will do a lifting demonstration for the kids with a giant Log Press and Atlas Stone lifting.  Finally, we will close out the day with some words of inspiration to the children and hopefully make a difference among a few of these kids.

I will take alot of video and pictures!  We are honored to give back to the youth in our community.  If we don't make a difference in their lives, who will?

Check out this link to an article about an "Animal Outreach" that the East Coast animals did 2 weeks ago in suburban Philadelphia:

Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

Monday, May 2, 2011

Cinco de Mayo celebration with HIGA MONSTER

Doug, Daniel (owner of Los Cabos) and HIGA.

Los Cabos restaurant is located under the beautiful Mount Si.

Come check it out this Thursday night at 9:30pm.  HIGA MONSTER will be wearing the Bulky Boy "La Raza" t-shirt while deadlifting 405 lbs for reps in front of 700 people.
Here is a link to the restaurant:

Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Seattle Animal Barbell Club at "Columbia City Fitness Center" 4/30/11

Hikeem Stewart & HIGA MONSTER.  Hikeem will play basketball at University of Washington next year.  He is Bull Stewart's youngest son, and has a twin brother that will be going to Arizona for basketball.

Lorenzo, Bull and Hikeem Stewart.

Mahalo to Bull Stewart for letting us host an ABC at his gym!

If you are ever in the Columbia City neighberhood of Seattle, please go check out Bull's gym of "Columbia City Fitnesss Center".

Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team