Monday, June 27, 2016

Giant Tire Ladder by HIGA MONSTER

KILLAH workout today...have a great week everybody!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

635 lbs x 3 reps deadlift, no belt by HIGA MONSTER

Big "mahalos" to Rodell Esteban, Mango Jon & Pati Tauti for letting me get a workout with them in Pati's garage in Hillsboro, Oregon!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

"Animal Outreach" HIGA MONSTER visits two Kent schools today

My first stop today was at Meadow Ridge Elementary.
Spoke to the 6th graders and did a strongman exhibition for them.

Pressed this 125 lbs stone 10 times in front of the students.

Me & Saul Peterson (PE teacher)
Saul is the one who invited me to Meeker Middle School.

Snapping a picture with my friend, Rachael Bennet (2nd from left)
and the Vice Principal & Principal of Meadow Ridge Elementary.

It was truly an honor to speak to this kids before they go on Summer break, and do some strongman exhibitions in front of them.
Spoke to them about "Grit" and how important it is in our daily live, and hope they persevere through time times and overcome obstacles.

Great job today kids, I hope you have a safe Summer!
Stay focused and on track to stay out of trouble.


Saturday, June 11, 2016

Pictures from "Washington's Strongest Apple 9" today. (Des Moines, WA)

Andrew Cordaro trying to press a 220 lbs keg.
He got 3 reps in 1 minute to win this event for the 200 lbs Men.

Kate Hanson (Las Vegas)
She pressed a 115 lbs keg 15 times in 1 minute.

My brother in law, Kaena Kawai did a great job as the MC today!

HIGA MONSTER trying to keep everything running smoothly.

Jeremy Graham carrying a heavy sandbag.

Nick Matteson (Troutdale, OR) getting ready to pickup this sandbag.

Jessica Nordlie (Auburn, WA) trying to flip this huge tire!
She won the LW Women 120 lbs weight class.

Christina Kirk (top) vs Mitzi Salguero (bottom)

Nate Bolling (Port Ludlow, WA) flipping an 874 lbs tire.
Nate has competed in all 9 of the Strongest Apple shows!

Huge thanks to Caveman Foods!
They donated a bag of Chicken Jerky for all my competitors.
If you haven't tried it, they are YUMMY!

Trent Martin (Nampa, Idaho)
He pulled 14 reps on this 473 lbs Axle in 1 minute.

Josh Hatfield (Des Moines, WA)
He won this event in only 49.2 seconds!

Big "mahalos" to Benjamin Tseng AKA "DJ Discobee"
He was killing it on the ones and twos all day today!

We had some great prizes for the winners of each weight class!
Animal Whey, Liquid Chalk, Hip Circles, Gangsta Wraps,
Slingshots and Strideline Socks!

A very personal award right here from me.
Given to the most inspirational athlete today.

Me and the entire staff/volunteers agreed that we give it to Roy Ray.
Roy got four zeros in 4 events, but he still gave it his all no matter what.
AND he still had that smile every time after he tried his best in each event.
Proud of you Roy!  Love you man, way to rep the Masters with your effort.

Huge thank you to all my competitors, staff, helpers/loaders for today!
Without you, my contest would not exist.  You all shined today!
Much love to my wife Michelle who took all of these pictures too!

Thank you Bulky Boy Clothing for sponsoring my event again this year!  All my competitors loved the shirts you designed and printed for them!  I appreciate all that you do for the me and for "Washington's Strongest Apple"

Next year is the 10th year of this show...I plan to make it BIGGER & BETTER for my athletes.

Friday, June 10, 2016

"Washington's Strongest Apple 9" is tomorrow!

Come by tomorrow at 10am for some strongman action!
Photo credit:  Jesse Williams

For more info, click on the Facebook event link below:

See you there!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

"Washington's Strongest Apple 9" is only 3 days away!

Who is going to win the grueling Sled Drag event this year?

Come to the Des Moines Marina this Saturday June 11th at 10am to cheer on 34 men & women who will be competing in my "Washington's Strongest Apple 9" strongman contest.
The top 2 athletes in each weight class will qualify for the "Strongman Corporation Amateur National Championship" in October.

The strongman events are:
  1. Keg clean & press for reps (1 minute time limit)
  2. IronMind Sandbag carry for distance (drop it & done)
  3. Tire Flip for distance (80 feet, 1 minute time limit)
  4. IronMind Apollon Axle deadlift for reps (1 minute limit)
  5. Keg Carry, then Sled Drag (80 feet each way, 90 seconds time limit)
Admission is free!  The contest is also held in conjunction with the Marina Farmers Market in Des Moines, WA.  We are right next to the fishing pier with a beautiful view of Puget Sound.

Hope to see you there!  These athletes will be laying it all on the line on Saturday and I am honored to put this show on for the past 9 years with the City of Des Moines marina.
Huge "mahalos" to Bulky Boy Clothing who designed & sponsored all of my contestant t-shirts. Wait till you see what they look like!

For more information, click on the Facebook Event link below:

See you Saturday!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Jesse Norris 783 lbs deadlift at 210 lbs bodyweight at the "Boise Fit Expo 2016"

Kid is unreal.  Never ceases to amaze me at how calmly he deadlifts HEAVY weights.  It was an honor to compete along side him in Boise yesterday.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

"Boise Fit Expo 2016" is this Saturday 6/4/16

Come by & see me lift on Saturday at 12pm MST
at the "USAPL Pro Deadlift" on the main stage!

For more information, click on the link below:

Admission is FREE to the public, so get in line early!
Then come visit me at the Animal Pak booth afterwards.  I will be hanging out and giving away samples at our booth.

See you in Idaho!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Flipping giant tires for "Washington's Strongest Apple 9"

How's this Faka?  NOW THATS A TIRE.

Huge "mahalo" to Gene McCarl of GCR Tires & Service in Tacoma.  He is sponsoring the "Tire Flip for distance" event at my "Washington's Strongest Apple 9" contest next weekend.
I appreciate you letting me test out a few tires at your shop today, Gene.  Thank you so much!

We are 1.5 weeks away from the biggest strongman contest in Washington!