Wednesday, June 15, 2016

"Animal Outreach" HIGA MONSTER visits two Kent schools today

My first stop today was at Meadow Ridge Elementary.
Spoke to the 6th graders and did a strongman exhibition for them.

Pressed this 125 lbs stone 10 times in front of the students.

Me & Saul Peterson (PE teacher)
Saul is the one who invited me to Meeker Middle School.

Snapping a picture with my friend, Rachael Bennet (2nd from left)
and the Vice Principal & Principal of Meadow Ridge Elementary.

It was truly an honor to speak to this kids before they go on Summer break, and do some strongman exhibitions in front of them.
Spoke to them about "Grit" and how important it is in our daily live, and hope they persevere through time times and overcome obstacles.

Great job today kids, I hope you have a safe Summer!
Stay focused and on track to stay out of trouble.


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