Friday, October 2, 2015

"Aloha Friday" workout with HIGA & Jesse Williams 10/2/15

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Stacia Al-Mahoe lifting attempts from "Boss of Bosses 2"

Check out this 18 year girl from O'ahu. She only weighed in at 96.5 lbs too.
This sistah was KILLING da weights!  It was awesome to witness this live at "Boss of Bosses 2"

Friday, September 11, 2015

GRIP4ORCE handles are legit!

Huge "thanks" to Grip4orce for this killer picture with their Red Regular Flex handles.
A great view of the Bulky Boy "V3 Trainer Shorts" in this shot too!

Check out my testimonial on Grip4orce's Instagram page!

Go and buy a pair or two.  They will change your training and make your arms so much stronger!


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

"Chalk Talk 503" Podcast with HIGA MONSTER & Interurban Athletics

I had a great time filming this podcast with the crew from Innerbeast CrossFit!  Mahalos to Jeff Pearson & Kate Hanson who came all the way up from Oregon City, Oregon to workout with us and then film this video.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Pictures from "Boss of Bosses 2" (Mt View, CA)

Opening attempt of 672.4 lbs deadlift.

Saw this braddah wearing a Bulky Boy shirt, so had to take a picture!

Moments before I pulled this new Washington state record deadlift...
716.4 lbs in the 308.5 lbs weight class

CT Fletcher was in da building!!

My Auntie Alda, cousins BJ & Chelsea also came to cheer me on!
Mahalos Fam!

Mahalos to my friends, Dave & Kathy Riley who came to cheer me on with their kids!

My friend Randal Iwata & his son Adam, also came to support!

Came back on Day 2 to support Stacia Al-Mahoe (right) & Jack Cambra from CrossFit Fifty in Hawai'i.  Also saw referee, Keith Kaneshiro

Truly an honor to received my Gold & Silver medals from the legend, Ed Coan.

I placed 2nd overall in the Open men 308.5 lbs weight class.
1st in the Master's men 40-44 308.5 lbs weight class.

A super-tough meet and it was so HOT inside the contest venue and warm-up area.  Made it really tough on all the competitors.
Thank you to all my family & friends who supported me for this contest, and especially to Bulky Boy Clothing!