Friday, August 31, 2012

Ready to go in Gatineau, Quebec with HIGA MONSTER & Hugo Girard.

HIGA MONSTER and this weekend's contest promoter, Hugo Girard.
Hugo still looks huge weighing 320 lbs!

Hugo in front of his Dodge called, "The Widow Maker".
Almost 1,100 horsepower in that baby!  He took me & my daughter for a spin and I couldn't believe how powerful that car is.  Hugo told me that the rear axle cranks out 700 horsepower alone!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Eating "Poutine" with HIGA MONSTER in Quebec.

Lunch was a "Smoked Meat Poutine" at La Station.

Then dinner was a "Smoked Meat sandwich w/poutine" on the side!

Eating BULKY here in Quebec!  Good thing I don't compete till Saturday.

HIGA tours the Royal Canadian Mint (Ottawa, Canada)

We took an AWESOME tour of the Royal Canadian Mint today!

This was crazy...we could hold a gold bar worth $700,000 & take a picture.

24 karat gold chained to the floor & an Armed Guard standing next to it!

No pressure HIGA...don't drop this frickin weight!
$700,000 in my hands brah!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

HIGA MONSTER "single-leg Wall Sit challenge"

Try this one day at the gym or home.  Its not easy!
The best time so far at my work gym is 2:19 mins for Women & 2:09 mins for Men.


Monday, August 27, 2012

HIGA's first "Handstand push-up"

Who says BULKY BOYS can't do this?  300 lbs baby!  Going to work on getting 4-5 reps.

Imperial CrossFit competes at "WODFest 2012" (Seattle, WA)

Rich "Pops" Riess after he finished the nasty "Triplett" WOD 
(20 toes to bar, 30 kettlebell swings and 40 double-unders for AMRAP in 12 minutes)
Pops placed 8th out of 14 Master's competitors overall!  

Team Imperial CrossFit after finishing the "Bear Complex" WOD.
(10 deadlifts, 10 cleans, 10 thrusters & 10 back squat & presses of 575 lbs total)

Nathan Foxley gave it his all in the deadlift portion of the Bear Complex.  He did 50 reps of deadlifts!

While my gym braddahs & sistahs were competing, me & my Uncle Karl got hungry watching them...LOL

Congratulations to all of Imperial CrossFit and your tremendous effort at the WODFest!

Monday, August 20, 2012

HIGA's favorite Sushi Bar in Narita Airport

I always order the "Chef's Special Sashimi" at this place.  Good stuff brah!

Japan Animal Barbell Club (Nagoya, Japan) 8/18/12

"Obrigado" to Fernando Adrian Olsen who hosted this event at his awesome gym!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Japanese dancing Cross-Dresser video

"Yokota Strongman Challenge" at the 2012 Friendship Festival (Fussa, Japan)

Ran into some of da braddahs & sistahs from the "Hawaii Air National Guard".

Over 120,000 Japanese nationals pass through this Festival EACH DAY!

Introducing the strongman competitors to the crowd.  We even had 1 girl compete!

Competitor trying to press the 205 lbs Axle.

This guy couldn't even lift the Axle off the ground.

Devin trying to rack the Axle to his chest.

Tire Flip for 75 feet distance.

2 more competitors trying to finish the Tire Flip.

And of course, this guy couldn't do the Axle Deadlift for reps.  Don't do that in the gym..

The winner of the Yokota Strongman Challenge is in the yellow shirt.

AC/DC tribute band, the "BB Boogie".

Chris Lauer (left) and Yoshitake (right) reppin the Bulky Boy gear at Yokota!

Me & braddah Pat Coleman.  Pat organizes the "Yokota Strongman Challenge"

Me & Pat's daughters.  They made sure I drank alot of water cuz of the heat.

Van-Heysan baby!  The lead singer jumped down into the crowd while singing, "Jump" and they all went nuts.  My favorite Van Halen cover band of all time!  I love seeing these guys play at Yokota!

Stopped by the "Sons of Hawaii" food booth where da braddahs hooked me up with alot of Bud Light.  Mahalos for da beers boys!  Man, they sold out on all their food at 1pm so they were just partying and "Sucking 'em up brah!"  Love it!

Christina Farey.  I used to work for her Dad at Corvallis Moving & Storage and knew her since she was 7 years old!  Her husband is an Airmen stationed at Yokota & I was able to see her!

The only place open for dinner on the last day of the Friendship Festival was Taco Bell.
So we ate their after a long day on the Flight Line in the HOT sun. 
(Christina Farey, Hide, Chris Lauer and Fernando Adrian Olsen)

NO WAY BRAH?  $9.95 for 30 cans of Bud Light?
No wonder da braddahs at the "Sons of Hawaii" booth was partying!  And no sales tax on base!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Breakfast in Nagoya with HIGA MONSTER

Japanese cartoons, RULE!

HIGA arrives in Tokyo train station...

Japanese man "ALL BUS, BRAH" at Nagoya train station...

Japan Animal Barbell Club (Nagoya, Japan)

HIGA MONSTER & Dan Harrison in front of Mx-Fusion Gym.
Pretty cool flyer that Mx-Japan made for the ABC.

Universal Nutrition sent a box of samples for all the ABC participants.

Bulky Boy gym bags for sale in the Mx-Japan pro shop!

Some Bulky Boy boardshorts too in the pro shop.

Group shot after we was pau workout...

We went to this Brazilian Pizza House after the workout...

Mini pizzas "pupus" with a splash of that lemon juice in the bottle.

HIGA & Fernando Olsen chowing on some 4 Cheese pizza.

We ate almost 10 pizzas!  They even had one with sliced hard boiled eggs on it!

Banana dessert pizza!  Da buggah was "ONO"!

I gave the owner on the right, Roberto Tuji, & his staff some Animal Barbell Club shirts for feeding us the wonderful pizzas!  "Obrigado Roberto!"

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

HIGA MONSTER summits Mt Crested Butte, Colorado

HIGA on top of the 12,162 feet summit.

This is the mountain we climbed.  I took this pic from 8,800 ft elevation.

Saw a lot of these Alpine Chipmunks near the top of the mountain.

Almost to the summit!  That's my brother in laws & niece on the right.

All done!  My Bulky Boy socks pulled me through!

My family and I hiked up Crested Butte this past Saturday in Colorado.
We took at 15 minute chair ride to the 11,400 feet level of this mountain.

Then we hiked up the Summit Trail which goes up through steep terrain.  Then the trail gets steeper and crosses loose & broken rock.
It took almost 2.5 hours to climb up.  My 8 year old daughter & 10 year old niece also were Animals and made the 12,162 feet summit with me!
Then it took us 1 hour 13 mins to climb back down to the chair lift.