Monday, August 27, 2012

Imperial CrossFit competes at "WODFest 2012" (Seattle, WA)

Rich "Pops" Riess after he finished the nasty "Triplett" WOD 
(20 toes to bar, 30 kettlebell swings and 40 double-unders for AMRAP in 12 minutes)
Pops placed 8th out of 14 Master's competitors overall!  

Team Imperial CrossFit after finishing the "Bear Complex" WOD.
(10 deadlifts, 10 cleans, 10 thrusters & 10 back squat & presses of 575 lbs total)

Nathan Foxley gave it his all in the deadlift portion of the Bear Complex.  He did 50 reps of deadlifts!

While my gym braddahs & sistahs were competing, me & my Uncle Karl got hungry watching them...LOL

Congratulations to all of Imperial CrossFit and your tremendous effort at the WODFest!

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