Sunday, August 19, 2012

"Yokota Strongman Challenge" at the 2012 Friendship Festival (Fussa, Japan)

Ran into some of da braddahs & sistahs from the "Hawaii Air National Guard".

Over 120,000 Japanese nationals pass through this Festival EACH DAY!

Introducing the strongman competitors to the crowd.  We even had 1 girl compete!

Competitor trying to press the 205 lbs Axle.

This guy couldn't even lift the Axle off the ground.

Devin trying to rack the Axle to his chest.

Tire Flip for 75 feet distance.

2 more competitors trying to finish the Tire Flip.

And of course, this guy couldn't do the Axle Deadlift for reps.  Don't do that in the gym..

The winner of the Yokota Strongman Challenge is in the yellow shirt.

AC/DC tribute band, the "BB Boogie".

Chris Lauer (left) and Yoshitake (right) reppin the Bulky Boy gear at Yokota!

Me & braddah Pat Coleman.  Pat organizes the "Yokota Strongman Challenge"

Me & Pat's daughters.  They made sure I drank alot of water cuz of the heat.

Van-Heysan baby!  The lead singer jumped down into the crowd while singing, "Jump" and they all went nuts.  My favorite Van Halen cover band of all time!  I love seeing these guys play at Yokota!

Stopped by the "Sons of Hawaii" food booth where da braddahs hooked me up with alot of Bud Light.  Mahalos for da beers boys!  Man, they sold out on all their food at 1pm so they were just partying and "Sucking 'em up brah!"  Love it!

Christina Farey.  I used to work for her Dad at Corvallis Moving & Storage and knew her since she was 7 years old!  Her husband is an Airmen stationed at Yokota & I was able to see her!

The only place open for dinner on the last day of the Friendship Festival was Taco Bell.
So we ate their after a long day on the Flight Line in the HOT sun. 
(Christina Farey, Hide, Chris Lauer and Fernando Adrian Olsen)

NO WAY BRAH?  $9.95 for 30 cans of Bud Light?
No wonder da braddahs at the "Sons of Hawaii" booth was partying!  And no sales tax on base!

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