Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oregon State vs UNLV football game (9/12/09)

Rubbing the belly of the Buddha near the Planet Hollywood Casino.

Strike a pose.......

Me and my friends Colin & Chris. Check out the new "SUBMISSION IMPOSSIBLE" shirt that Colin is wearing. You can find it on the Bulky Boy store real soon! Its a sick design!

Oregon State alumni Gary "The Glove" Payton, was on the sidelines for the game. He's in the white t-shirt.

Me, Colin, Chris & Duke.

Michelle, Shelley & me clowning in front of the Caesar statue.

Here are some pictures from our recent trip to Las Vegas, to watch the Oregon State University football game vs UNLV.

Grant Higa.
Bulky Boy strongman team member

Saturday, September 5, 2009

North American Strongman Championships (Gatineau, Quebec)

Athlete introductions.

This contest is broadcast nationwide in all of Canada, in English & French.

Me getting interviewed by promoter, Hugo Girard, after the truck pull. Notice the "BRUISER" Bulky Boy shorts I'm wearing!

Me getting psyched for the Car Hold for time.

Me & Grant Connors (Canada), were paired against each other for the Car Hold.

I was able to get 3rd place in this event, with a time of 1 minute 27 seconds.

Hanging out with a fan.

Hanging out with 2 boys that were at the contest earlier.

Eating breakfast with fellow competitor, Luke Skaruup (Canada).

Me and Kalani.

Me versus Christian Savoie in the Yoke Walk. The yoke weighes 770 lbs, and is made of engine blocks. Christian is the 2009 Canada's Strongest Man.

Me picking up 260 lbs in each hand for the Farmers Walk.

Corey St Clair (USA), in the Train Wheel Load.

Corey St Clair (USA) with Kaiea.

Hanging out with some of the fans.

Team USA members Grant Higa, Jon Conner & Karl Gillingham.

Me getting ready to flip a 955 lb tire.

Whats up Bulky Boy bloggers?

I just flew back home from a 3 day contest in Gatineau, Quebec. This is my 3rd time competing at this prestigious event, and I was able to take my family with me too.

The contest is part of the "22nd Hot Air Balloon Festival" in Gatineau, and this was the 9th year of the Strongman contest.

We had to do 9 grueling events, over the course of 9 days.

The contest promoter is Hugo Girard. Hugo has competed at the "World's Strongest Man" on numerous occasions.


Truck pull for 100 feet

Log press for maximum weight

Atlas Stones


Car Hold for maximum time

770 lb Yoke Walk for 100 feet

Farmers Walk Medley (263, 303, 330, 355 lbs in each hand for 50 feet distance)


Hercules Hold w/Chevrolet Cobalts

955 lb Tire Flip for 100 feet

Train Wheel load & push (260, 300, 320, 360 410 lb wheels. Load a wheel into truck, then push it 10 meters to the next wheel)

Here are the final scores:

1. Christian Savoie - 94 CANADA

2. Jean-Francois Caron - 80 CANADA

3. Josh Thigpen - 74.5 USA

4. Karl Gillingham - 73 USA

5. Scott Cumnie - 65.5 CANADA

6. Jonathan Connor - 62 USA

7. Corey St. Clair - 55 USA

8. Mike Saunders - 47 CANADA

9. Grant Connor - 44.5 CANADA

10. Chad Coy - 43.5 USA

11. Grant Higa - 35 USA

12. Luke Skaarup-28 CANADA

In the team scoring, Canada won 359 to 343 over the US.

Thanks again to Bulky Boy, for supporting me with my Strongman contests!

Grant Higa.