Friday, May 31, 2013

Northwest CrossFit Regionals (Kent, WA)

HIGA & Rich Froning's nipple.

Coach Allen Velasco "twisting" his way to da top.

Coach Tammy Mohler-Hale licking the nipple of ELITENESS.

Some of the men doing 30 pull-ups in the "Jackie WOD"

Imperial CrossFit in da house!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day "MURPH" 2013 at Imperial CrossFit

One of the baddest workouts I know of.  
Memorial Day honors the late, Lt. Michael Murphy of the Navy SEALs.  

92 participants came to Imperial CrossFit today.

Coach Ryan Riess doing his squats with a Weighted Vest.

Even some of the kids did this brutal workout.  Much respect.

Alot of people today, so they did it in the Strongman area of Imperial.

Nate Pascua

David Lopez

Coach Ryan Torno

Channy Bowman doing some "C-Squats" in front of Nate Foxley...

Bob, Marianna and Scott Bautista.

This is how hard the "MURPH" gets....much respect.

Tim Armijo & Kyle.

Coach Jade Garrison

The last 1 mile run to finish the workout.

Coach Ryan Riess finishing his last mile run with a Weighted Vest.

Kevin Hobbs took his shirt off when he saw me with my camera.  LOL

Kaiea & Coach Allen Velasco.

Allen and Raj Abafo.

This year's commemorative shirt.

Rich "POPS" Riess.  Notice how long the timer is going.
You get 1 hour to finish it...or just do your best to finish.

Coach Allen & Coach Riess.

Kaiea was outside cheering the last mile runners on.

I jumped in & ran the last lap with Kyle. Pops Riess & others did as well.

The AFTERMATH.  David Lopez's hands.

Much respect to my braddahs & sistahs at Imperial CrossFit!
You guys have all my respect for doing this grueling workout in honor of MURPH.

A blessed Memorial Day to all the veterans who served to protect our country.

Truly a special day when everyone comes together to honor a great man who laid his life on the line to save his peers.  Lt Michael Murphy

June 28, 2005 
This was the second worst single-day U.S. Forces death toll since Operation Enduring Freedom began nearly six years ago. It was the single largest loss of life for Naval Special Warfare since World War II.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

HIGA MONSTER in Hood River, Oregon

Drinking an IPA & eating some pizza at Double Mountain Brewery & Taproom.
(Hood River, OR)

Got a workout today at "CrossFit Hood River".

What a sweet gym!  Thanks for the hospitality!

After my workout, we had to get some "post-workout" drinks...

Round 1...

Pizza and the "Vaporizer IPA"

My brother in law Brad standing by this sweet GTO that parked by us.

My father in law, Tito even broke out his 1948 Chevy Fleetmaster!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Pictures from the "Seattle Seahawks NFL Combine"

HIGA & the 2006 NFC Championship trophy that the Seahawks won.

Look at how huge that championship ring is too...

In the Film Room waiting for the GM to speak to us.

John Schneider-Seahawks General Manager
He asked us a bunch of questions that they would normally ask players.

Inside the VMAC.  That building is huge!

Ben Kolpa getting ready to do the Shuttle Run.

HIGA getting ready to do the 3 Cone Drill.

"Turning and BURNING..."

YB Choi doing the Standing Broad Jump.  He did 7' 5"

HIGA's turn...

I jumped 7 feet 2 inches.

Ken O'Hare doing the "Matrix" with his 5' 9" broad jump.  lol

Skyler Nelson doing the Stop/Start Drill.

HIGA doing the Bag Drill.

Stuart Nagae

Kam Robinson

"Woodshed Sled Push" for max distance with the GM on it.

HIGA's turn to push the sled.

Ended up pushing the sled for 70 yards.

The Seahawks weight room.  HEAVEN!

Why am I the only guy sweating, and my friends are not?  WTF?
They must have not been trying hard to make the team.

Me & YB having some "post-workout" Manny's Pale Ale.

Didn't know they were giving prizes for the individual events.
So I won the Sled Push event!

Scored an autographed Kam Chancellor football!

Bryn Johnson won a shirt for "Worst Interview" with the GM.  lol

Chris Christensen won the "#1 Overall Draft Pick" and scored this awesome picture board of the Seahawks MNF win over the Green Bay Packers last year!  He was a wide received at Utah.

Assistant Strength & Conditioning coach, Mondray Gee.

I asked John Schneider if you could sign my shirt.

What a blast!  Thank you Seattle Seahawks!

What a trip...Dave "Hendu" Henderson was at Dino's Pub too.
Check out him flashing his 1989 World Series with me & YB.