Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pictures from the GNC Pro Deadlift (Spokane, WA)

"Sarge", me & Zack McCarley at the NAS strongman contest outside.

The Northern Quest casino & hotel.

Saw my friends Susie & Joe DeRousie.

Great to see Alison McWeeny again.  She was a guest Deadlifter.

Bought this poster from Alison McWeenyNO EXCUSE TO NOT TRAIN...

Had to show off our massive quads & prosthesis on Ali.  LOL

Met these Hawaiians who drove from Auburn, WA.
They were in town for their niece's college graduation from Gonzaga.

Brad Gillingham & Bryan Dermody in the warm-up area.

The BULKY back of Brad Gillingham.  337 lbs of beef!

My Animal gym bag was making its precense know...

Pro strongman, Zack McCarley helped me alot in warmups.

The 5 invites to the GNC Pro Deadlift.

Warming up in the GNC booth area...

Ali warming up on ONE LEG people.  Shut up and train...

Wipe da sweat off brah...

Brad with his last warm-up...

Backstage before our 1st attempts.
Bryan Dermody, Brad Gillingham & HIGA MONSTER.

1st attempt of 694 lbs

2nd attempt of 744 lbs

Trying to get psyched for my 3rd attempt of 760 lbs

Randall Harris trying to get ready for 804.7 lbs

Brad Gillingham attempting a 843 lbs deadlift.

4th place overall with a 744 lbs deadlift. 

Brad Gillingham won with a 829 lbs deadlift (center)

Ate this BULKY calzone afterwards.
Bryan Dermody recommended that I get the calzone.
Brad & I about to get our grub on!
Randall got the calzone too.
A big "thank you" to Ivan & Erin Ribic for hosting this great contest!  It was truly an honor to compete in your show!