Monday, May 31, 2010

UFC Fan Expo (Mandalay Bay)

Checking into the Mandalay Bay with Team Bulky Boy members Rob Salazar (skimboarder), Dominic DiMaggio (General Manager), HIGA and Brian Shaw (strongman).

The site of the UFC Fan Expo.

Check out the new logo in the background banner!

Odd Haugen, me and Brian Shaw.

Alot of people tried to lift the 220 lb stone that we brought.  If anyone could stand up with it, we gave them a BULKY BOY hat for their prize.

Check out this cool kid's bed that THROWDOWN gave away at their booth!

UFC  heavyweight fighter Brendan Schaub (Colorado)

We gave this little guy a Bulky Boy "trucker's hat" for trying to lift the Atlas Stone!

Shayne Gerbeles from Alabama won the first "NECKROLL" contest we had on Friday.  He won some free Bulky Boy gear for the best simulation of our logo's neckrolls.
Big Chris Grantano from "HOUSE OF PAIN" stopped by at our booth.

Michelle & Louie were hanging out at this booth drinking, "Beer-ritas".

Bristol Marunde & his girl Aubry stopped by the booth.

UFC Middleweight champion, Anderson Silva.

Is it me, or is Forrest Griffin looking at me with hungry eyes?  All I wanted was his autograph on my book!

The Doctor for the UFC stopped by our booth, and thought I was crazy for lifting the stone so much!

Me and Roy "Big Country" Nelson.

Hawai'i boy Brad Tavares of this season's "The Ultimate Fighter" (Team Liddel).

Check out these two kanakas!  Both of these cousins were working security at the UFC Fan Expo.

"Wassup cuz?  Throw da shaka!"

WEC fighter Miguel Angel Torres was giving free buzzcuts to his fans.  He would cut it just like his hair.

At the UFC Gym booth, this guy had a sensor on this pad & you could hit him to get a reading.

On Saturday morning, we got a workout here at Mark Phillipi's gym.

Higa warming up on the Log Press.

"The Mammoth" Brian Shaw warming up on the Log.

Higa checking out the 25 lb Indian Clubs that were in Mark's gym.

Brian Shaw trying some crucifix holds with the Indian Clubs.

This was my first time visiting Mark's gym, but I loved it even more when I saw the BEAVERS flag.

Brian Shaw, Odd Haugen, Nick Best & Higa.

Former UFC Heavyweight champion, Ricco Rodriguez.  He weighs only 230 lbs now!

This Filipino guy cracked me up, cause he said that ne never thought he would see another Filipino guy thicker than him 'till he saw me!

This bodybuilder girl almost lapped the stone!  We gave her a hat anyway for her effort!

Ken Hahn of Striking Unlimited.  Ken is originally from Hilo, Hawai'i and I haven't seen him in probably 20 years!  He stopped by our booth & I kinda recognized him but wasn't sure till he said "whats up" to me!

On a break, I stopped by the booth to say, "What's up?"

Brandon "The Truth" Vera stopped by to take a picture.  Real cool dude!

Brian Shaw doing a two-hand deadlift with Thomas Inch dumbbells!

Nick Best came over to press our 220 lb stone.  He did it 3 times, but dropped it on the floor on the 3rd attempt and BROKE IT.  Way to go Nick...  LOL

Nick and me lifting up a couple of kids that stopped by.

Higa, Odd Haugen & Brian Shaw watching the UFC 114.  Big thanks to the UFC Gym for hooking us up with some comp tickets!
Dom, Higa, Brian Shaw & Odd Haugen.

Higa and Kit.

Dom, Higa and Kit.

This weekend was a BLAST working the booth for Bulky Boy at the UFC Fan Expo!  As an MMA fan, I think I was more excited to just see all the fighters that were there hanging out at the Expo.  I even got to shake Uriah Faber's hand when I passed him in the elevator lobby.  Our friend Louie, got to see even Mike Tyson at the UFC Fan Expo.
Bulky Boy unleashed some new designs on their shirts and fight shorts & board shorts at this Expo.
I also lifted a 220 lb stone at our booth, and it was a HIT!  We gave away a free Bulky Boy hat to anyone that could stand up and lap the stone.  I think we gave away almost 100 hats!
I lifted that stone almost 180 times during both days of the, were my biceps and elbow joints sore!
We had a blast, even though it was alot of hard work.  Big thanks to Bulky Boy for this wonderful experience!

Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bulky Boy in Las Vegas for the UFC Fan Expo this weekend!

Yeah baby!  The Bulky Boy team is coming to LasVegas! We will have a booth at the "UFC Fan Expo" this Friday & Saturday at the Mandalay Bay convention center.

HIGA MONSTER will be there and will be lifting an Atlas Stone in the booth as we sell our products.  Some new designs will make their debut  this weekend!  You can't even see them online got to wait till we get back from Vegas!

We will also have team members Rob Salazar (skimboarder/stand-up paddler) and Brian Shaw (strongman) at booth #1449.

The world famous "NECK ROLL" contest will also be happening in our booth at 12pm and 3pm on both Friday & Saturday.

If you are in Las Vegas this weekend, come check us out!
Friday:  10am-7pm
Saturday:  10am-4pm

Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Results from "Washington's Strongest School" 5/22/10

Flexing the "TRIBAL" shirt & cargo shorts by Bulky Boy under the Space Needle!

This is what the 7 high school teams competed for...BRAGGING RIGHTS!

Still clowning around under the shadow of the Space Needle.

Me & my friends Steve, Shawn and Willie Austin.  Shawn was rocking the Bulky Boy "USA FLAG" shirt at the contest.

"Maximus-Minimus" was even there for concessions!  Awesome BBQ!

Teams competing in the Agility Drill, by running 2 figure eights around cones.

Seattle Seahawks Louis Rankin & Justin Forsett presented the guy in the middle an autographed hat by Jordan Babineaux.  The lucky fan won it in a raffle.

Then, these lucky kids won an autographed poster of Seattle Sounders Freddie Ljungberg in another raffle drawing.  Rankin & Forsett presented them with it.

Juanita High School getting after the tire flip.

O'Dea/Holy Names doing the tire flip.

Eastside Catholic doing the tire flip.

SW Youth & Family Services flipping tires.  You go Tina-girl!

SW Youth & Family Services taking the tire back another 15 yards.

Melvin from the Austin Foundation team flipping tire.

West Seattle High School in the tire flip.

Afterwards, there was a push-up contest for the most reps.  NW CrossFit donated 2 months of membership to two winners. (standard & knees down push-ups)

This was friend Shawn Miller won 2 round trip tickets from Alaska Airlines in the raffle!

What was even more crazy, is that he WON the second pair of tickets from Alaska Airlines!  I was looking over his shoulder when they read off the winning numbers, and I couldn't believe it!  Shawn spent $20 to buy 5 raffle tickets and won both pairs of airfare!  CRAZY!

"Miller-time" showing what he won in the raffle.  Congrats bro!  I used to work with Shawn & Willie Austin at a gym in Seattle that Willie used to be part-owner.

Willie Austin handing out the 2nd place medals to the team from "SW Youth & Family Services."

"Throw da shaka" uso!
Congrats on your 2nd place finish!

Daniel Jahn presenting the winning trophy to Juanita High School.

Way to go Rebels!  You are "Washington's Strongest School"!

Bulky Boy donated 8 t-shirts to this contest.  They were given by the contest promoters to the 2nd place team, SW Youth & Family Services!
I'm very proud of these Polynesian kids!  Congrats again!

Congratulations to the Juanita High School Rebels!  They won the 1st "Washington's Strongest School" contest yesterday.  Each of the 8 kids on their team won $500 that can be used toward higher education.  A team comprised of 4 boys and 4 girls.
2nd place was awarded to Southwest Youth & Family Services.  The 8 Bulky Boy shirts that were donated to this contest, went to these Polynesian kids and they did an awesome job.
3rd place went to Eastside Catholic High

Congratulations to all of the 7 high schools that participated!  They showed alot of heart, and I was proud to be the MC for this contest.
Its very encouraging to see the youth in our community come together and combat teen obesity in our area!

Much aloha,
Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team