Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Boise Fitness Expo 5/8/2010

Me & "FURIOUS" Pete.  He was supposed to eat a 7 lb hamburger at the Boise Fit Expo, but they messed up and only brought the patty.  He wanted all the buns & fixings.
So, Blimpie sandwichs stepped in and provided 15 sandwichs for Pete to eat.  They also asked for 3 volunteers to see if they could match Pete.

"FURIOUS PETE" chowing down!

UFC welterweight fighter, Thiago Silva.  He said he loves ANIMAL products!

Brian Shaw & Branch Warren (Mr Olympia runner-up)

UFC lightweight fighter, Joe "Daddy" Stevenson.

Me, Shaw and Kim Fuller.

My friends Karl, Kimmy & Kirsten stopped by to see me.  They live in the Boise area. 

Corey St Clair, Kimmy and me.

Corey on the microphone, explaining what our demo will consist of.

Me and Shaw on stage for the strongman demo.

Warming up on the Log Press.

Me pressing a 290 lb Log.

Corey pressing a 190 lb Circus Dumbbell.  Check out the "BRUISER" shorts from Bulky Boy he is wearing!

Me loading a 330 lb stone.  Its gotta be the socks that makes it easy!

Kimmy took all the pics & videos for me.  Thanks alot girl!

Side biceps shot with the Optimum Nutrition girls.

UFC fighter, Ben "Killah B" Saunders.

"Mr Puniverse" contestants.

"Mr Puniverse" contestants on stage with IFBB Pro Branch Warren.

MMA referee, "BIG" John McCarthy.

"Lil Evil" Jens Pulver.

DINNER TIME!  We are about to get out grindz on!

Group shot with the owner, Mike Mohica.  Mike is from Pupukea.

My first plate on the buffet.  Fried rice, kalua pig, teri chicken, and mac salad.

Brian Shaw getting ready to chow down.

Me and Corey.

Corey was rocking the Bulky Boy decal on his car.  Representing in Idaho!

Those 4 plates on the right weigh 150 lbs each!  They were previously owned by our late friend, Reggie Barton.

This was Reggie Barton's Yoke, and Corey now has it.  However, it was so tall for me that I had to stand on some bumpers to stand up with it.  Its locked in at that height.

When I landed in Seattle, I ran into big Hacienda Leifi.  I used to volunteer as a strength coach at Rainier Beach HS, and Hasi was one of the kids I used to help train.  It was great to see him, and I'm gonna send him a Bulky Boy shirt cause he wears a 5xl. 

After competing in Sequim the night before, I flew to Boise to participate in the "Boise Fitness Expo".  This is my 3rd year in a row that I have done a demo there, and its always a great time.

Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

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