Thursday, September 26, 2013

The "Olympia Strongest Man" starts tomorrow (Las Vegas)

Flying out to Vegas this morning...I am looking forward to competing with the best strongmen in the USA on Friday & Saturday.
For more info, click on the link:
Keep you all posted.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Prowler Suicides for HIGA MONSTER

If you have never tried this, do it cause it will BURN...
I didn't expect Ryan Riess to make me do that surprise at the end...bastard!
Flying to Vegas this Thursday.  Competing in "America's Strongest Man" on Friday & Saturday.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Suicide Medley by HIGA MONSTER: last workout before America's Strongest Man 2013

Carried a 220 lbs keg for 75 feet, then carried a 250 lbs keg for 50 feet & loaded into sled, then carry & load a 290 lbs keg for 25 feet & load into sled.
Then attempted to drag it for 75 feet in the 90 seconds allowed.  I pulled it for only 68 feet.

Flying to Las Vegas next week for "America's Strongest Man" at the Olympia Expo!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

HIGA MONSTER's new tailgating toy

Pics from Hawai'i vs Oregon State football game

Tailgating with our friends at Oregon State.

Christine, Lei, Michelle, Songie & me.

Musubi MADNESS...

My BULKY BOY plate-lunch.
I ate 3 plates of these bad boys...

The family & I shopped at the new Beaver Store on campus.

Paid a visit to the Sports Performance Center to see my bro, Jordan.
Head Strength Coach Bryan Miller laced me up with some swag!
Thanks alot Coach!

Definitely will be rockin' this shirt!  Thanks Coach Bryan!

Da bar is OPEN, brah!
Stopped at the MacFadden tailgate too to say "howzit"

Check it out!  Saw this guy walking to the game wearing Bulky Boy!

Our seats at the game. 

Our friend Chris, was wearing his Bulky Boy "trophy hunter" hat in the next section.

Had dinner at Murphy's Tavern afterwards.
Saw braddahs Homer, Jeb & Sherwin.

My BULKY BOY prime rib dinner at Murphy's Tavern.
Jeb, the food was KILLER, BRAH.  Mahalos!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Just picked up fresh keg of "Lucille IPA" for my kegerator!

Have a great rest of the week my braddahs & sistahs!