Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Grant Higa on the front page of the Seattle Times newspaper!

Yesterday, I was shocked to learn that I was on the front page of our newspaper.  Apparently, the staff at the Seattle Times thought the story should be on the cover because its not too common to see a guy flipping tires or lifting rocks!

Here are some pictures that you can see online.  There are 14 in the gallery.

Thank you Bulky Boy for all you do!  You can see on the last picture I am wearing the "Hawaiian Flag" shirt as we walk out of the Warehouse.  I was rocking the Bulky Boy "Bruiser" short and Bulky Boy "high-top socks" during the photo shoot.

Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ken Nowicki, 155kg/ 340lb Axle Press

Today was my first proper session since UK's Strongest Man a month ago. I tore my hamstring at the competition so I was really just going through the motions until it had fully healed.

Today was also my first day of Westside training, and I loved it. Got a nice 5kg PR on the axle too!

"The Olympia Expo" 2010 (Las Vegas Convention Center)

Beer, water, Gatorade, Red Bull and AMP Energy drinks...I guess we are ready for VEGAS!

We ate here for dinner on our first night in Vegas.

It was pretty darn good!  All you can eat sushi buffet PLUS all appetizers on the menu.

Ran into Jason in the lobby and he gave me my Expo passes.

These were in the Men's Room of the Hilton.  I was cracking up!


The limited edition shirt Animal Pak made for the Olympia Expo.

My friend Roger Rusness stopped by the CAGE.  Roger is a Seattle police officer.

Opening day of the CAGE.

Steve Kuclo, Vinny Galanti & Evan Centopani throwing a double biceps.

Saw this bruddah from Hawaii.  Haven't seen him in a long time!  He's from Nankuli.

Me & Kristina Lum of Optimum Nutrition.  Lum sometimes works out with us at the WAREHOUSE.

Brad & Elaine Craig of Craig Productions.  They promote the "Emerald Cup" in WA.

Me and Jacques.  Jacques is a Bulky Boy Blog follower!  Woot, woot!

Me and legendary powerlifter Ed Coan.

"Big D" getting warmed up in the Deadlift Challenge.

"Sgt Rock" being interviewed by before the Deadlift Challenge.

"Big D" is only 22 yrs old & lifts in the 220 lb class.  He pulled 775 lbs & held it for 20 seconds!

Frank "Wrath" McGrath & "Big Al" clowning around.

Ruby & Stephanie Madrid of Cytosport.

Derik "The Freak" Farnsworth at the "Pound for pound Strongest Bodybuilder" challenge.

Brad "The Wolverine" Dunn warming up on the Block Press.

Andrew Palmer warming up too.

Me and Ali McWeeney.

Kristina Lum & Jen Turnbull stopped by to get a shirt from the CAGE.

Me and Jon "Bones" Jones squaring up!  He was so cool and told me that he will next fight Ryan Bader.  "Bones" has an 82" reach!!

Me and "Sgt Rock".

Ali McWeeney was rocking the BULKY BOY socks in the CAGE!

Me explaining to Vinny Galanti what it entails to lift a Log.

HIGA pressing a 315 lb Log.

Ali wanted to try and press the 100 lb empty log.

"Whoa, thats tough to do with my prosthesis!"

Higa and Ali.

This was so cool!  A lady from "Oxygen" magazine saw Ali trying to lift the log and she asked if they could photgraph her attempts because they thought it was so inspirational!

Mauricio "Shogun" Rua (UFC Lightheavyweight Champion)

I stopped by the Strongman contest for a little bit.  Here is Mike Jenkins loading a 360 lb stone.

This dude couldn't pick up the Blob...

"The First Family of Strength" Brad, Wade & Karl Gillingham.

Big Brad was humbled to meet Ali.  He had read her story before online.

Ali and Wade Gillingham.

Me and Andrew Palmer.  Andrew placed 5th overall at "America's Strongest Man" this weekend!

The Expo pass of power.

Big Al, Steve Kuclo & Christian Coronato.

Big D, Higa Monster, Evan "Ox" Centopani & Steve Kuclo.

Me and Foster Parnell.

The House's daughter.  Check out her ANIMAL shirt she is rocking!

"The House" and his massive calves.

Big Al and The House flexing their calves.  LOL

"House" autographed a poster for me to bring back home.

This dude said he bought this tank top at the Muscle Beach contest 2 weeks ago!

Derik "The Freak" Farnsworth chatting with Bob Cicherello.

Bruddah on the right was also wearing a Bulky Boy "Royal Stitch" shirt at the Expo.

JJ Marunde watching the strongman contest.

Dave Hansen

Marshall White

Mike Jenkins

Derek Poundstone

This bruddah was from Kohala, Hawai'i.

Our company won 3 awards from  "Multi-vitamin of the Year: ANIMAL PAK"; "Joint supplement of the Year: ANIMAL FLEX" and "Best marketing ads of the year"

Me and Raw McGraw.

Mark Philippi let us rent out his Log & bumper plates for my demo.  Thanks Mark!

Callie, Nick Best and JJ Marunde.

After a long 2 days of working the expo, I was quite thirsty...

Then I had to eat, so we drove to California Hotel to eat local food.  Tripe stew, loco moco, ahi poke, mac salad and Aloha Breakfast.

"Kau kau, brah!"

Saw some of the boys from Animal when we got back from eating.

Off to Gold's Gym for a workout!

There was 9 of us squeezed into the van with our bags and products!

Evan Centopani waiting for our waivers to get signed.

Evan "Ox" Centopani rocking the SWEET new Animal shirt in red.

That girl on the right was a squatting machine!  She was doing some sick plyos too.

The only thing wrong with this gym was that the bumper plates looked cancerous.

Its like I was lifting with flat tires for weights...

Higa doing some Snatches.

Higa warming up on Leg Presses.

Time to add more weight!

Leg pressing 1,125 lbs PLUS a 180 lb friend Rob on top for 15 reps.

Greg getting his pump on.

Big Al and G Diesel.

Frank McGrath's arm.  Nuff said...

Big Al, The House and G Diesel.

Steve Kuclo with the new Universal Nutrition tank top.

These Mexican guys drove from Barstow, CA to workout with us and one of them had a last name of Trujillo.

Mark and me.

Some of the boys from SoCal that came for the weekend.

Higa getting some seated Calf raises in.

"Are my calves pumped up now?"

Breakfast after the workout!  I got some Crepes, eggs, sausage and bacon...

While Greg got some "weak" bodybuilders breakfast that I would need 3 plates of to make me feel full.  Including the sugar-free syrup that he requested!

Eric got down with the "Alaska Waffle" that had ice cream, apples and whipped cream!

It was a long but fun weekend in Vegas working the Animal Pak booth.  Always good to see everyone and to make new friends that love to use our products.

Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team