Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bulky Boy Zach Gallmann, training for NAS strongman Nationals 10 weeks out 9/4/10

So we're 10 weeks out from the North American Strongman National Championships and here is some of my training leading up to it.  Its going to be a tough contest and I'm excited for it!  Thanks to Bulky Boy for the support they've given me!

300lb Axle Press for a triple (should have been a lot easier... pressing is MY event! haha)

A sled drag for 90 feet with a 120lb dumbbell and a 45lb plate, as well as a chain web in the middle.  Tire assembly made up by THE Steve Slater of Slater's Hardware! You can't tell from the video, but there is a lot more to the tire than meets the eye
(Its A LOT harder than it looks... 4 runs with this and my morning protein shake made a new home in the bushes)

330lb stone for 5 easy reps...  I think its the mohawk, haha.  This was after 2 stone runs and a triple with the same stone.

Thanks again to Bulky Boy for the support, and I plan on rocking their shirts around proudly at my future contests, training, and here on campus at The Ohio State University!  More videos to come as the weeks go by.

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