Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 1 results from "North America's Strongest Man (Gatineau, Quebec)

Well, day one is in the books.  It was very cloudy, windy and cold today.  However we were lucky and the rain held off and didn't downpour like last night.
  1. TRUCK PULL (100 ft):  Pulled a box van loaded with two 955 lb tires in the back of it.  They also flattened the front tires.  I pulled it 32 seconds.  There were 4-5 of us within a 10th of second of each other, so I ended up with 6th place in this event out of 12 guys.
  2. MAXIMUM YOKE WALK (30 ft):  Starting weight was 850 lbs.  I had no problem with it.  Then I did 950 lbs.  Next weight was 1,050 lbs and I did it with no drops!  After that, Hugo Girard said that we are going to do 1,150 lbs for maximum distance.  I took the 1,150 lbs for only 17 feet.  Thats the heaviest Yoke I have ever done.  As sick as this sounds, I got 7th place in this event for walking with 1,150 lbs on my back.  The winner took it for 44 feet.  Alot of guys got hurt in this event (Karl Gillingham heard something "pop" in his posterior shoulder, a Canadian guy hurt his knee and Josh Thigpen really hurt his lower right back.  I had to help carry Josh's gym bag to his room and I don't think he will be able to compete tomorrow which sucks.
  3. HERCULES HOLD (hold two Pontiac cars on ramps):  I am not good at this event, so I was just trying to do what I could.  I actually held it for 13.23 seconds.  Thats a personal best for me.  The cars weigh 4,000 lbs each but I felt like it was pulling my right elbow real bad and I didn't want to risk injury.
So, I am tied for 9th place out of 12 guys after the first day.  I had a good day with the first 2 events, but with the logjam of guys that were so close in the Truck Pull and Yoke Walk, it hurt the overall points score.

Keep you posted!  I'm off to eat supper (as the Candians call it).
Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team.

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