Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 2 results from "North America's Strongest Man" (Gatineau, Quebec)

Had an AWFUL second day of competition.  I need to pull my head out of my butt and come back strong on day 3 tomorrow.
  1. WHEELBARROW FOR MAX WEIGHT (20 ft distance):  Starting weight was 1,550 lbs and I completed it for the 20 feet distance.  The next weight was 1,850 lbs and I could only carry it for 17 feet.  I was very dissapointed in myself cause I was confident that I could finish after the first attempt, but I think the 300 lb jump was not what I expected.  The winning weight finished was 2,150 lbs for 20 feet.
  2. TRAIN WHEEL LOAD (310, 330, 355, 370 and 410 lbs wheels.  60', 48', 36', 24', 12' away):  Hugo made us run for it this year.  Running with a 310 lb wheel for 60 ft seemed so far away!  I loaded the first 4 wheels and got to the big 410 lb wheel.  Couldn't get that huge thing into my lap and ran out of time.  Only 2 guys loaded all 5 wheels and Jessen loaded them all after it started raining! (Jessen Paulin & Jean-Francois Caron).
  3. ATLAS STONES (284, 308, 338, 355 and 385 lbs to a 56" pillar):  It started to rain, so that kind of sucked, but thats Strongman for you.  I loaded the first two stones with no problem and got the 338 lb stone up thinking I was high enough and MISSED the pillar by an inch.  I was mad at myself cause I should have shouldered it to guarantee a loaded stone.  After I dropped it, I could not get a grip on it again cause it was so dirty and gravelly.  Chad Coy could only load 1 stone, and Karl Gillingham loaded 3 stones.  No one loaded all 5 stones.  The winner did only 4 stones.
Christian Savoie 63
Jean-Francois Caron 52
Jessen Paulin 48
Jacki Ouellet 45
Scott Cummins 42 tied
Karl Gillingham 42 tied
Corey St Clair 38
Grant Conners 35
Josh Thigpen 29
Brad Dunn 27
Chad Coy 23
Grant Higa 21

Five Canadians are in the top 5, so they are really whooping butt.  Our goal is to get Karl into the top 3 so that he get can get into the top prize money.
I dropped from tied for 9th place, to last place so I need to come back strong on the last day.
Events for tomorrow are 955 lb Tire Flip, 270 lb Log clean & press for reps, and a Medley (310 lb Farmers Walk for 50 ft, duckwalk a 470 lb Anvil for 50 ft, then drag a 600 lb chain for 80 feet).

Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

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