Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pictures & videos from Gatineau, Quebec

Flying into Ottawa airport.
Corey St Clair, Scott Cummine, Grant Conners, and HIGA.


Corey St Clair and Hugo Girard.

Quebec's version of chocolate milk.  I ordered one of these every night!

Jessen Paulin, Grant Conners and Scott Cummine.

"TEAM USA" having breakfast.

Group shot outside of Buffet des Continents.

Buffet des Continents was our sponsor that fed us breakfast & dinner everyday.

"Geez Ivan, can you please move over and make some room for a BULKY BOY?"

Contest t-shirt.

Brad Dunn and Corey St Clair.

Chad Coy, Brad Dunn, HIGA and Karl Gillingham.

Sylvie and Yves.  The greatest Strongman fans in Quebec!

They gave me an awesome care package of gifts for Kaiea & Kalani.  Merci!

Part of the Hot Air Balloon Festival.

Brad Dunn updating his Facebook status...LOL

Team USA getting ready for battle.

The staff let out some air on the front tires of the truck to make it harder for us to pull.

Hugo's yokes.

Hugo's logs.

Nicolas and me.  Nicolas is the Director of Cinemedia TV and is in charge of all the TV filiming of this contest.  It will be broadcast nationwide in all of Canada in English & French.

Mr Dupuis, Ivan and Guillame.  Ivan is always making fun of my height.  Tabernac!

Whats in Scott Cummine's gym bag?  INSTANT COFFEE.  He drinks a couple of scoops of that with water before the start of a contest.  NASTY!

Hugo giving us a rules briefing.

Hugo had two 955 lb tires in the back of the truck for extra weight.

Brad Dunn getting into the truck pull harness.

HIGA pulling the truck.

Chad Coy getting into the harness.

Chad Coy

Coy & Karl Gillingham.

Our scorekeepers: Nadine Girard & her friend.

Chad Coy

HIGA about to pickup 850 lbs in the Yoke Walk.

HIGA walking with 850 lbs on his back.

HIGA almost to the finish line.

All done with 850 lbs.  Now onto 950 lbs on the Yoke.

Josh Thigpen (Texas)

Josh Thigpen walking with a heavy Yoke.

Hugo Girard at the MC's table calling the play by play.

Brad Dunn dropped his Yoke right at the finish line.  This was a no-no in the rules meeting.

Karl Gillingham

Karl Gillingham

Brad Dunn and HIGA.

HIGA about to start the Hercules Hold.

This is not a good event for me, so I was trying my best to get those cars set before they let go of the brakes.

Holding back two 4,000 lb cars on ramps.

Corey trying to help me through it.

Taking pictures with some of the fans.  I wonder how many Molson's that guy behind me has had today?

Jean-Francois Caron tore a callous on the Hercules Hold.

Me and Joe DeSilva.  He is the Deputy Mayor of Gatineau.

This was the 1st place winner in the "Graffitti Art" contest.  Only spray paint cans were used.

Corey St Clair's wife Meg, painted this one.  She had never used a spary paint can before!

Dinner at Buffet des Continents.

Me and Tony from Buffet des Continents.

Karl & HIGA signing autographs for some fans in the restaurant.

I gave Hugo a "Submission Impossible" shirt from Bulky Boy.  He was stoked!

That 3xl fits him perfect!

Corey in front of this dessert place that Hugo loves to go to when he is in Ottawa.

Corey St Clair & Jessen Paulin.

Karl Gillingham getting ready for the Train Wheels load.

This young lady asked us to sign her shoe!

Me and Jacki Ouellet.  This kid is only 24 years old and will be a BEAST.

Guillame and his newborn daughter.  She is only 1.5 months old.

Hot air balloons in the sky outside of our hotel.

Higa & Corey with Mark, the owner of Buffet des Continents.  Merci for all the food Mark!

Mark had us autograph a plate so that he can display it in the restaurant.

Corey and I doing a skit for Canadian TV.

"So Grant, why do you always look so sexy and have huge calf muscles?"

"Well Corey, I usually do alot of  Speed Walking to restaurants to help develop my calves..."

Samuel Dubey and Higa.

"Canada's Strongest Man" and the winner of Gatineau, Christian Savoie.

Corey St Clair accepting his prize momey from the mayor of Gatineau.

Corey got 7th place overall.

Karl Gillingham getting his prize money for his 5th place finish.

Jessen Paulin accepting his 4th place prize money.

Scott Cummine accepting his 3rd place prize money.

Final group pictures with the mayor and other sponsors.

This boy Justin, wanted my contest shirt after the show.  He was very happy.

Karl, HIGA and Coy.

Nadine Girard and me.  Merci Nadine for all your hard work too!

Repping the ANIMAL PAK gym bag in Gatineau!

HIGA and Nurse Nancy.  She is there every year to make sure we are not injured and we appreciate her!

HIGA, Brad Dunn and Chad Coy.

Huge marmot in front of our hotel.

That kid Justin, who I gave my shirt too, was eating with his family at Buffet des Continents.

Some kids wanted to take a picture with the Strongmen.

I always see this couple every year at the Gatineau contest.  You gotta love Quebec strongman fans!

Canada Parliament building.

Pretty crazy sculpture outside a building in Ottawa.

Thank you  Hugo Girard for the best strongman contest that I have been a part of for the past 4 years.  He always puts on a great contest and extends the best hospitality to all of the athletes.

Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

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