Monday, September 6, 2010

Final day of the "North America's Strongest Man" (Gatineau, Quebec)

The final day of competition was just completed.  Unfortunately, RAIN was our nemesis today.  This made conditions tough for us all, but thats Strongman for you.
  1. 955 lb TIRE FLIP (75 feet):  I was paired up with the "Wolverine" Brad Dunn in this event.  In true strongman fashion, we had no warm-ups with the tire and it was raining pretty good.  I did about 4 sets of plyo jumps onto the tire to warm-up and some bodyweight squats.  Brad started out slightly ahead of me but at the 6th flip, I saw him lose his grip on the tire.  I knew I had to pounce on this opportunity and get my next flip.  Got the tire up and pushed it forward with all my might.  Referee said "5 seconds left" so I felt like I beat Brad.  Then I look and Brad got another flip in before the time expired.  I SCREAMED AT MYSELF cause I thought Brad snuck by me...however, Hugo said I beat him by 3 inches!  Whew!  I ended up with a distance of 64' 11" out of 75 feet.
  2. 270 lb Log clean and press for reps:  Still pouring rain and in true strongman fashion, we had no warm-ups and went straight to the Log.  I paired up against "The Myth" Jessen Paulin and I got 7 reps to his 5 reps.  Ended up tying for 4th place with Karl Gillingham & Christian Savoie (we all got 7 reps).  Brad Dunn & Scott Cummins tie for the win with 9 reps each.
  3. MEDLEY (310 lb Farmers Walk for 50 ft, duckwalk a 420 lb Anvil for 50 ft, drag a 600 lb chain 80 ft):  Still raining, but the show must go on.  No warm-ups and I was paired up against Brad Dunn again.  I picked up the Farmers and took them 50 ft with no drops.  Grabbed the anvil and I lost my grip on it 10 ft before the line, but picked it right up and finished it.  However, the chain was slick from all the rain and pulling on it SUCKED.  Made it really tough to pull and the slick asphalt didn't help either.  I didn't finish the chain drag and in fact no competitors finished the entire chain drag because of the rain.
Final overall placings
Christian Savoie 94 
Jean-Francois Caron 85
Scott Cummins 72.5
Jessen Paulin 67
Karl Gillingham 64
Jacki Ouellet 61
Corey St Clair 54
Grant Conners 51
Brad Dunn 50.5
Grant Higa 37
Chad Coy 31
Josh Thigpen 29

Overall, it was another great time in Gatineau.  Hundreds of fans brought their rain gear and STAYED the entire time for the contest.  I love that!  True strongman fans!
Hugo Girard promoted another great contest and truly takes care of us everytime we come here.  Beautiful hotel, free meals, and transports us everywhere.
"Merci" to the city of Gatineau and to all the fans that supported us this weekend.  I have tons of pictures and videos, but can't upload them here at the hotel because the Wi-fi restricts me from doing it for some reason.  I will load them up when I get back home to Washington tomorrow night!

Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

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