Saturday, May 31, 2014

Western Washington Strongest Viking (Bellingham, WA)

HIGA MONSTER, Sarge & Zack McCarley helping out today.

Bryan Eccleston vs Justin in the Yoke Walk.

Aly Pedersen was this close to locking out a 365 lbs deadlift!

Torri Self locked this 365 lbs easily.

Sarge keeping score & judging...enforcing the LAW.

Christopher Davies easily locked out 700 lbs.
He drove down from British Columbia, Canda.

Kristyn Whisman looks like she has a "Stone-head"...

But she loaded that 124 lbs stone over the bar for alot of reps today!
The "Little Beast" was on fire today!

Congratulations to the winners of each weight class, who qualified for the National Championship!
There was a total of 35 competitors today, and the weather was perfect for Strongman on the campus of Western Washington University.


Friday, May 30, 2014

HIGA MONSTER 300 lbs incline press for reps

"6th Western Washington's Strongest Viking" is tomorrow! (Bellingham, WA)

Contest promoter, Patrick Castelli will have over 30 competitors tomorrow!
Patrick is the defending 175 lbs Amateur National champion for NAS, Inc.

If you live near Bellingham, WA come by to see some amateur Strongman action on the campus of Western Washington University.  The contest starts at 11am PST
The events are:
  1. Sandbag carry for maximum distance
  2. Yoke Walk for 80 feet
  3. Log clean & press for reps
  4. Last man standing Deadlift
  5. Atlas stone over the bar for reps
HIGA MONSTER Bulky Boy strongman team

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

155 lbs Circus DB workout with HIGA MONSTER

Getting ready for the "Masters America's Strongest Man" next weekend in Indiana.
We have to press a 180 lbs dumbbell for reps.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

"Washington's Strongest Apple 7" is only 1 month away!

Patrick Castelli attempting to press a 220 lbs keg overhead.
This was from last year's contest, and Patrick only weighs 175 lbs!

We are officially 1 month away from showtime!  If you want to watch some men & women compete in some Amateur strongman competition, check us out at the City of Des Moines marina on June 14th.

The events are:
  1. Apollon Axle clean & press for reps (2" thick IronMind bar)
  2. Yoke Walk for 80 feet
  3. Apollon Axle deadlift for reps
  4. Keg Carry/Sled Drag medley (carry a keg for 80 ft, then drag sled back for 80 ft)
  5. Arm over arm pull of a Prowler, then push Prowler back (80 feet each way)
This contest will be adjacent to the Marina Farmer's Market, and the views of the Olympic Mountains & majestic Puget Sound are beautiful!

10am start time on Saturday June 14th.  Be there because admission is FREE!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sequim Irrigation Festival strongman video

HIGA MONSTER at the "Sequim Irrigation Festival strongman"

HIGA paying tribute to Jesse Dawson Marunde with the 250 lbs log.

HIGA & Brad Dunn in the rain during athlete introductions.

Nothing better than doing a Keg Toss in the rain!

Me making sure the 40 lbs keg gets over & not fall back on my head.

Brad Dunn was intense in this event & won with 5 of 6 kegs.

Nate Bolling placed 3rd in the Car Deadlift for reps with 13 reps.

Zack McCarley attempting to press the 180 lbs dumbbell.

Brad Dunn was the only guy who pressed the 180 lbs dumbbell.

Getting ready for the 745 lbs Yoke Walk

Nate Bolling vs Mike Reed trying to load a 350 lbs stone for reps.

Ben Crutcher vs Jeff Pearson

Brad Dunn was about to load this stone before he got an injury on his left arm.

Breck Gault & Sarge getting some ice on Brad's left arm.  Heal up bro!

I could only get 2 reps with the 350 lbs stone, due to the rain soaking all the stones.

Brad got pretty emotional to the crowd discussing his injury, but he will be back!

Thank you Sequim!  It was great to be back there competing!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Monday, May 5, 2014

Video of HIGA eating the Cinco del Mondo burrito

HIGA MONSTER wins the "Cinco de Mondo" 5 lbs burrito challenge again.

I finished this massive chicken burrito in 28 mins of the 30 mins allowed.
Really tough to do for me this year, last year I finished in 17 minutes.

My huge meal, compared to my wife Michelle's on da right.  LOL

I should not have gotten Wheat was hard to chew.
Especially when they use 4 tortillas to make my burrito.


Probably took me 5 minutes to eat this last piece of it.  Brutal...

Carmen the manager at Taco del Mar (Federal Way) hooked me up with these gift certificates.  I felt bad for my wife Michelle, who had to witness me struggle eating that damn burrito.  I was hurting!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Friday, May 2, 2014

"South Jersey Strongman Showdown" recap video

"Sequim Irrigation Festival strongman" is next Friday May 9th!

Looking forward to competing next Friday in the hometown of Jesse Marunde.

Events are:
  1. Keg Toss (6 kegs over a 16 ft tall bar)
  2. Press Medley (180 lbs circus dumbbell, 250 lbs log, 250 lbs keg, 300 lbs axle)
  3. Car deadlift for reps
  4. Yoke Walk
  5. Stone over a bar for reps (380 lbs stone)
See you next Friday in Sequim, WA
Contest starts at 6pm PST