Saturday, May 10, 2014

HIGA MONSTER at the "Sequim Irrigation Festival strongman"

HIGA paying tribute to Jesse Dawson Marunde with the 250 lbs log.

HIGA & Brad Dunn in the rain during athlete introductions.

Nothing better than doing a Keg Toss in the rain!

Me making sure the 40 lbs keg gets over & not fall back on my head.

Brad Dunn was intense in this event & won with 5 of 6 kegs.

Nate Bolling placed 3rd in the Car Deadlift for reps with 13 reps.

Zack McCarley attempting to press the 180 lbs dumbbell.

Brad Dunn was the only guy who pressed the 180 lbs dumbbell.

Getting ready for the 745 lbs Yoke Walk

Nate Bolling vs Mike Reed trying to load a 350 lbs stone for reps.

Ben Crutcher vs Jeff Pearson

Brad Dunn was about to load this stone before he got an injury on his left arm.

Breck Gault & Sarge getting some ice on Brad's left arm.  Heal up bro!

I could only get 2 reps with the 350 lbs stone, due to the rain soaking all the stones.

Brad got pretty emotional to the crowd discussing his injury, but he will be back!

Thank you Sequim!  It was great to be back there competing!


  1. Higa Monster... I got ALL the kegs over! Love and miss ya bro!!