Wednesday, May 14, 2014

"Washington's Strongest Apple 7" is only 1 month away!

Patrick Castelli attempting to press a 220 lbs keg overhead.
This was from last year's contest, and Patrick only weighs 175 lbs!

We are officially 1 month away from showtime!  If you want to watch some men & women compete in some Amateur strongman competition, check us out at the City of Des Moines marina on June 14th.

The events are:
  1. Apollon Axle clean & press for reps (2" thick IronMind bar)
  2. Yoke Walk for 80 feet
  3. Apollon Axle deadlift for reps
  4. Keg Carry/Sled Drag medley (carry a keg for 80 ft, then drag sled back for 80 ft)
  5. Arm over arm pull of a Prowler, then push Prowler back (80 feet each way)
This contest will be adjacent to the Marina Farmer's Market, and the views of the Olympic Mountains & majestic Puget Sound are beautiful!

10am start time on Saturday June 14th.  Be there because admission is FREE!

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