Saturday, May 31, 2014

Western Washington Strongest Viking (Bellingham, WA)

HIGA MONSTER, Sarge & Zack McCarley helping out today.

Bryan Eccleston vs Justin in the Yoke Walk.

Aly Pedersen was this close to locking out a 365 lbs deadlift!

Torri Self locked this 365 lbs easily.

Sarge keeping score & judging...enforcing the LAW.

Christopher Davies easily locked out 700 lbs.
He drove down from British Columbia, Canda.

Kristyn Whisman looks like she has a "Stone-head"...

But she loaded that 124 lbs stone over the bar for alot of reps today!
The "Little Beast" was on fire today!

Congratulations to the winners of each weight class, who qualified for the National Championship!
There was a total of 35 competitors today, and the weather was perfect for Strongman on the campus of Western Washington University.


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