Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bristol Marunde fights this Sunday 4/6 in Snoqualmie, WA

Looking forward to walking out with Bristol next weekend!

Bristol Marunde is coming home to Washington to fight in the main event this weekend.  Stop by the Snoqualmie Casino ballroom if you want to catch the action from 4pm-9pm.

For more info, click on the link:


Monday, March 17, 2014

HIGA gets dissed by MMA fighters...

Demetrious Johnson, Tim Boetsch & Matt Hume are not impressed with my lifting...

HIGA meets "Mighty Mouse" and "The Barbarian" for St Patty's Day (Kirkland, WA)

So cool to meet the UFC flyweight champion, Demetrious Johnson, today!
"Mighty Mouse", HIGA and Howie Clark of Bio Force HRV.

Got a great squat workout today!
Also got to meet UFC middleweight, Tim "The Barbarian" Boetsch (right of me)

The champ was making fun of my squats in The Cage.  He would have done 30 reps.
Even Matt "The Wizard" Hume wasn't impressed.  Man, this is upsetting...

Thank you so much EndZone Athletics!  Will definitely come by again to workout with you guys!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Congrats to these winners from HIGA

Laced these winners up with some Bulky Boy shirts.
Randy, Kirsten, Courtney & Kyle (left to right)

Last February, I had a Gym Challenge at my work where a 4 person team had to do:
15 pushups
20 jamball slams
25 burpees
30 sit-ups

The fastest team to have all their members finish all 4 exercises would win a shirt of their choice from Bulky Boy.
This team won with a time of 6:44 minutes

Congratulations to you all!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday, March 3, 2014

The National Animal Barbell Club (Metro Fitness, Ohio)

The Washington ANIMALS...
HIGA, Ben Seath & Ibn Mahama.

Jeremy Hoornstra & Dan Green.

Ibn Mahama & Richard Hawthorne

Jay Nera, Brandon Lilly & Kade Weber.

"Please re-rack your weights...LOL"

T-Dirty filming the action...

The line to get into the gym was out the door!

Ibn & Jordan Wong.

G Diesel proposing a "toast" of Rage XL before we begin.

Jeremy Hoornstra teaching some Bench Press tips.

196 people signed up for this ABC.

Deadlifts & Squat coaching by BOSS Dan Green.

Ben Seath acting like he knows how to do Yoga...

Stan "the Rhino" Efferding, even came by to do Squats.

Another year in the books.  See you in 2015 Metro Fitness!

405 lbs bench press x 7 reps at 164 lbs bodyweight

Jesse Norris deadlifts 800 lbs at The Cage

Day 2 of "The Arnold Sports Festival" pictures

Custom bench made made by Legend Equipment here in Columbus, OH

Khai, Tony & Nick from Universal Nutrition chilling in the Cage.

Adrian Larsen (Portland, Oregon)
Warming up with 495 lbs bench press, feet off the floor.

Richard "The Ant" Hawthorne

Got my boy, "Furious Pete" a VIP pass into The Cage.

Mana Barbell from Hawai'i was in da house too.
Anthony Harris getting weighed in for the USAPL powerlifting contest.

Da sistahs from Mana Barbell.

Darren Matsumoto & Jon Bareng.
Getting psyched for the Bench Press.

Kevin Stewart from Lynwood, WA helping out as a Coach.

Brought my Hawaiian flag lava-lava to cheer on Team Mana.

Jesse Norris (Idaho) getting ready to deadlift 800 lbs.

Adrian Larsen 500 lbs x 2 reps (feet off floor)