Monday, March 3, 2014

Day 2 of "The Arnold Sports Festival" pictures

Custom bench made made by Legend Equipment here in Columbus, OH

Khai, Tony & Nick from Universal Nutrition chilling in the Cage.

Adrian Larsen (Portland, Oregon)
Warming up with 495 lbs bench press, feet off the floor.

Richard "The Ant" Hawthorne

Got my boy, "Furious Pete" a VIP pass into The Cage.

Mana Barbell from Hawai'i was in da house too.
Anthony Harris getting weighed in for the USAPL powerlifting contest.

Da sistahs from Mana Barbell.

Darren Matsumoto & Jon Bareng.
Getting psyched for the Bench Press.

Kevin Stewart from Lynwood, WA helping out as a Coach.

Brought my Hawaiian flag lava-lava to cheer on Team Mana.

Jesse Norris (Idaho) getting ready to deadlift 800 lbs.

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