Monday, March 3, 2014

The National Animal Barbell Club (Metro Fitness, Ohio)

The Washington ANIMALS...
HIGA, Ben Seath & Ibn Mahama.

Jeremy Hoornstra & Dan Green.

Ibn Mahama & Richard Hawthorne

Jay Nera, Brandon Lilly & Kade Weber.

"Please re-rack your weights...LOL"

T-Dirty filming the action...

The line to get into the gym was out the door!

Ibn & Jordan Wong.

G Diesel proposing a "toast" of Rage XL before we begin.

Jeremy Hoornstra teaching some Bench Press tips.

196 people signed up for this ABC.

Deadlifts & Squat coaching by BOSS Dan Green.

Ben Seath acting like he knows how to do Yoga...

Stan "the Rhino" Efferding, even came by to do Squats.

Another year in the books.  See you in 2015 Metro Fitness!

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