Saturday, October 17, 2009

74th Washington Open (Sumner, WA)

Me & my training partners Tyler & Scott. Check out the Bulky Boy hat, cargo shorts and socks that I'm wearing....REPRESENT!

Steve, Tyler & Scott. I have been working out with these guys for years!

Tyler getting warmed up.

Tyler warming up in the Snatch.

Tyler would get a 110 kilo Snatch. (242.5 lbs)

I went down to Sumner, WA today. One of my training partners was competing in an Olympic Weightlifting contest.

Tyler only weighs 220 lbs, and he had an off day, but I know he will be back on his next contest.
He was credited with lifting a 110 kilo snatch, and a 140 kilo clean & jerk. (242.5 lbs and 308.6 lbs)

Way to go Tyler! I am proud to be his training partner!

Grant Higa.
(Bulky Boy strongman team member)