Monday, January 30, 2012

Squat workout with HIGA MONSTER 1/30/12

26 days until I battle Ben Seath here in Seattle, WA.
Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

Friday, January 27, 2012

HIGA MONSTER strongman demo & talk at Glacier Park Elementary (Maple Valley, WA)

Truly an honor to speak in front of all these kids today!  Thanks again Principal Thomas!
Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

"Imperial Classic" video by BelieveMedia!

Seattle Animal Barbell Club is tomorrow at "Locals Gym" (Lynwood, WA)

The HIGA MONSTER & Ben Seath will be in Lynwood tomorrow lifting MASSIVE amounts of weight! 

Come by if you are in the Lynwood, WA area tomorrow and join the Seattle Animals as we throw down at Locals Gym from Noon-2pm.

Locals Gym
2031 196th ST SW B-101&102
Lynnwood WA 98036

A big "mahalo" to the gym owner Jesse Ward and Justin Randal for inviting us to workout at their awesome facility! 
Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Strongman demo at Glacier Park Elementary by HIGA MONSTER tomorrow 1/27/12

Principal Christopher Thomas & HIGA MONSTER.

Tomorrow morning at 9:15am, I will be doing a strongman exhibition at a local elementary school for grades 1-4 as part of their "Habit of Mind" assembly.

The assembly honors students with Habit of Mind ribbons.  This month's Habit of Mind is "Risk taking" and they will present ribbons to some students who have shown that trait.

It is truly an honor for me to do this for our local community but it is especially special because this is my daughter Kaiea's school and she will be in the audience with her classmates!

Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Finally got the trophies for the "Imperial Classic"

Coach Allen Velasco & HIGA MONSTER with the 1st place plaques.

A close up of one of the plaques.  Engraved walnut wood!

A big "mahalo" to my neighbor Brian Ward who picked these plaques up for me despite the foul winter weather we have had in the Seattle area.  
Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Photos from the "Imperial Classic" by Jim Wallingford Photography!

Lightweight Men's winner Laurion Burchal getting psyched before the Log Press.

Check out the awesome pictures from Jim Wallingford Photography!  There are 759 shots that he took at the 2012 "Imperial Classic".  Thank you Jim for your support! Your camera work is second to none!

Here are the final placings and scores...

Lightweight women
1.  Aly Pedersen 16.5 points
2.  Kristin Wilson 14.5 points
3.  Katie Inserra  12.5 points
4.  Marianne Jackson 10.5 points
5.  Leticia Swanson 3 points
Heavyweight women
1.  Annie Malone 7 points
2.  Sally Lockhart 4 points
Lightweight men
1.  Laurion Burchal 53 points
2.  "SARGE" John Allen 49 points
3.  Ben Dickmeyer 42.5 points
4.  Vernon Hall 41 points
5.  Andrew Cordaro 40 points
6.  James Alexander 39 points
7.  Karl Johnson 34.5 points
8.  David Van Skike 32 points
9.  Jose Chavez 28.5 points
10.  Brian Cobb 23 points (higher placing because he finished Prowler/Sled drag)
11.  Phil Phuong 23 points
12.  Max Broburg 21 points
13.  Sean Pilutik 19.5 points
14.  Riley Hazard 9 points
15.  Kristyn Whisman 7 points
Heavyweight men
1.  Mike Reed 15.5 points
2.  Nate Bolling 14 points
3.  Evan Herling 13.5 points
4.  Timothy Arrowood 8 points
5.  Jaosh Peko 6 points

Saturday, January 21, 2012

"The Imperial Classic"

HIGA MONSTER, Allen Velasco, Ryan Riess, Kristyn Whisman & Zack McCarley.
"RISE ABOVE" with Imperial CrossFit cause we produce some good athletes here.

Ryan Riess and Tim Nagy.

HIGA MONSTER & Shannon Gill.  She hooked my competitors up with some free protein drinks and other sample workout products.  Thanks alot girl for hooking us up!

 Raj Abafo won himself a HIGA MONSTER signature series shirt by doing "Last man standing Burpees" and did over 100 of them!  He said he will not do Burpees for the rest of the year!  LOL

Annie Bui won herself a shirt too by doing 225 burpees in the fastest time!  Ridiculous!

Mahalo to Bulky Boy for providing the t-shirts for our contestants!

I will post more pictures soon from Jim Wallingford Photography as soon as I get them.  Thank you so much Bulky Boy for letting us rock your clothing at this inaugural contest!

Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Lots of snow fell on Western Washington today!  HIGA had to bundle up!

My neighbor's daughters made this snowman & topped it off with da Bulky Boy trucker hat!

Kids had no school today, so a Sledding session was in!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The "Imperial Classic" is this Saturday 1/21/2012

The HIGA MONSTER is proud to present the first "Imperial Classic" contest at Imperial CrossFit this upcoming Saturday 1/21/12.

My training partner and fellow Bulky Boy strongman athlete Kristyn Whisman came up with the idea for us to put together a contest that combines Strongman & CrossFit and to host it in our gym during the month of  January.  January is usually a month where no contests are going on, and the rest is history.

We have 30 competitors signed up!  All of them will be wearing the Bulky Boy "Torn" shirt during the entire contest.

Events are Log clean & press for reps, Bodyweight hang for time, Atlas stone over a bar for reps and finally a Prowler push/Sled drag medley.

Come by if you are in the area.  Admission is FREE!

Imperial CrossFit
702 W. Meeker St
Kent, WA 98032

Jim Wallingford Photography will be on site snapping pictures of the contest and BelieveMedia will be videotaping the contest.

Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

Sunday, January 1, 2012