Monday, May 10, 2010

Sequim Strongman Showdown pics & videos

Hanging with the guys in the hotel lobby when we got into Sequim.

Kaiea & Kalani with Dave Ostlund.

Kaiea in front of our beautiful hotel that Sarge set us up in.

Lunch at Jeremiah's BBQ!

Ribs and rib tips.  OH YEAH!

"I will just take this whole platter, please?"

Me & Breck Gault about to throw down some lunch.

It was Dave's birthday, so Sarge surprised him with a cake.
Me, Sarge, Mike (owner of Jeremiah's BBQ) and Randy (owner of Tarcisio's)  These guys fed us massive amounts of food while we were there in Sequim!  Thanks alot guys!  Always good to eat at your places!

Sarge getting the helpers/loaders in line.

Me and Robbie Walden.
Athlete introductions with my daughters.

Kevin Nee (Arizona)

Breck Gault pressing the 250 lb Log.

Dave Ostlund was the only guy to press this 379 lb Log!

Breck Gault vs Chris Lee in the 810 lb Yoke Walk.

Breck trying to squat up with this massive weight.

Kevin & I getting ready to do the Yoke Walk.

Kevin Nee vs HIGA

So, I had a massive brain fart...I thought this was the actual finish line.  I had a really good time, and felt like it would be a top 2 finish.  Then, everyone started yelling at me to cross the finish line.  There was an another orange painted line 8 feet farther than this one.  DUH HIGA!

Here I am trying to explain to Breck what stupid mistake I made in the Yoke.

Dave Ostlund vs Karl Gillingham.

Breck Gault with 340 lbs in each hand.

Me struggling to stand up with 340 lbs in each hand.

Karl Gillingham vs Dave Ostlund

Trying to pull a 6,000 lb Army Humvee.

Me doing the Atlas Stones.

Trying to pick the 392 lb stone off the ground.

Kaiea & a WHOLE BUNCH of kids getting ready to do a Tug of War against us.

Kaiea & my nephew Dahrius.

The kids win this event.  I told Kaiea I'm not going to make her lunch anymore for school.

"You want some of this Poppa?"

My nieces Taylor, Tehani and my daughter Kalani.

"Dude, sign my abs!"

Big thanks to Sarge & Kevin Kennedy for putting on a great show!

This car was parked near mine.

Thanks again to "SARGE" for putting on a great contest in Sequim.  We were put up in a great hotel, and got fed lots of good meals from the local businesses.
I always have a great time participating in this festival, and the locals just love seeing the Strongman competition.
I placed 4th overall.  Dave Ostlund of Minnesotta, won the contest.
Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

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