Friday, May 17, 2013

Pictures from the "Seattle Seahawks NFL Combine"

HIGA & the 2006 NFC Championship trophy that the Seahawks won.

Look at how huge that championship ring is too...

In the Film Room waiting for the GM to speak to us.

John Schneider-Seahawks General Manager
He asked us a bunch of questions that they would normally ask players.

Inside the VMAC.  That building is huge!

Ben Kolpa getting ready to do the Shuttle Run.

HIGA getting ready to do the 3 Cone Drill.

"Turning and BURNING..."

YB Choi doing the Standing Broad Jump.  He did 7' 5"

HIGA's turn...

I jumped 7 feet 2 inches.

Ken O'Hare doing the "Matrix" with his 5' 9" broad jump.  lol

Skyler Nelson doing the Stop/Start Drill.

HIGA doing the Bag Drill.

Stuart Nagae

Kam Robinson

"Woodshed Sled Push" for max distance with the GM on it.

HIGA's turn to push the sled.

Ended up pushing the sled for 70 yards.

The Seahawks weight room.  HEAVEN!

Why am I the only guy sweating, and my friends are not?  WTF?
They must have not been trying hard to make the team.

Me & YB having some "post-workout" Manny's Pale Ale.

Didn't know they were giving prizes for the individual events.
So I won the Sled Push event!

Scored an autographed Kam Chancellor football!

Bryn Johnson won a shirt for "Worst Interview" with the GM.  lol

Chris Christensen won the "#1 Overall Draft Pick" and scored this awesome picture board of the Seahawks MNF win over the Green Bay Packers last year!  He was a wide received at Utah.

Assistant Strength & Conditioning coach, Mondray Gee.

I asked John Schneider if you could sign my shirt.

What a blast!  Thank you Seattle Seahawks!

What a trip...Dave "Hendu" Henderson was at Dino's Pub too.
Check out him flashing his 1989 World Series with me & YB.


  1. AWESOME! Looked like an amazing day, Higa. So glad you got to partake.


  2. That's an awesome expierence! Higa, i often have that sweating question pop into my head, but life of a Bulky Boy i guess.

    1. No Dane, its my "fast metabolism" brah!


  3. No girls? Were you afraid they would beat you????? Seriously Grant, where is the love!

    1. There was only one lady and she was one of the coach's wife.. Not my fault Stephani!

  4. Looks like a blast. When are they calling you to try out?

  5. way to go Higa, who knows if they do open tryouts like they did in Philly under Dick Vermeil you might have a shot....