Saturday, August 18, 2012

Japan Animal Barbell Club (Nagoya, Japan)

HIGA MONSTER & Dan Harrison in front of Mx-Fusion Gym.
Pretty cool flyer that Mx-Japan made for the ABC.

Universal Nutrition sent a box of samples for all the ABC participants.

Bulky Boy gym bags for sale in the Mx-Japan pro shop!

Some Bulky Boy boardshorts too in the pro shop.

Group shot after we was pau workout...

We went to this Brazilian Pizza House after the workout...

Mini pizzas "pupus" with a splash of that lemon juice in the bottle.

HIGA & Fernando Olsen chowing on some 4 Cheese pizza.

We ate almost 10 pizzas!  They even had one with sliced hard boiled eggs on it!

Banana dessert pizza!  Da buggah was "ONO"!

I gave the owner on the right, Roberto Tuji, & his staff some Animal Barbell Club shirts for feeding us the wonderful pizzas!  "Obrigado Roberto!"

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