Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ken Nowicki, BodyPower Results

Just when I seem to get a break of free time something else comes up to keep me away from getting things done; anyway, I've now got some time again so here is the write up from the weekend along with some pictures from the heavyweight show.

Final placings were; Saturday 10th from 17, Sunday Loz, Rob and I finished 2nd.

There was a delay with the opens for unforseen circumstances which left a lot of the heavy guys flat when it came time to compete. I have been having bother with my knees dipping during pressing and I knew the log and press medley would be really poor because of it.

Log I only did 1, head was all over the place cause as soon as I dipped I was getting shooting pains in both knees. Left in a not very happy mood.

Deadlift I did 11 reps, 1 more than Winter Giants in December and a lot more clean reps too so very happy.

Sandbags were pretty easy, even without any specific conditioning work since London and a heavy cold the past few weeks I did them all in 22s to tie Gary.

Car Hold was a real disappointment. My grip had been feeling really good in training, and the pick up felt really easy but as soon as I locked out the hands started opening. 8s I think.

Press medley only did the db and keg, was flat as a pancake here and had zero energy left.

170k stone over 54" for reps, only second time touching a 170k stone and did 3reps, just missed the 4th with a Poundstone-essque miss.

Sunday went a lot better, was really up for it even though I was really sore from the day before. I googled patella taping on Sat night and taped both knees and the difference it made was incredible, zero pain when dipping.

First up was 130k farmers for distance, I started and did a lap of the circuit, Rob took from where I dropped for just over half a lap then Loz finished off for a total distance of 105ish metres, 3rd. Felix got 1st and Darren 2nd.

Log next, 130k for reps from shoulders, Rob was having a hard time before this cause he hadn't been well all week and the effects were still there. I don't know how many Rob did before Loz switched places. I then jumped in for a gay triple before Rob and then Loz again finished the time; 25 reps and 1st place for us here. Darren 2nd and Fe 3rd.

650kg 2 man deadlift, Rob and Loz did this one for us and hit a nice 10 reps for a 2nd place. Fe and Jack did 12 for the win; Jay and Gary 7 for 3rd.

Next was the sandbags, 6 bags to be run in and loaded; 2 each. We surprisingly won this event with a time of 32s, not sure on the other times but Fe got 2nd and Darren 3rd.

Car Hold like Saturday again, and again a disaster for me think our combined time was about 25s, 20 of which was Loz! Not sure where the teams placed here.

Stones last, 170kg for reps. I was really up for this cause I wanted to make up for my poor stones on the Saturday. Was a 2min time limit with two guys, so it was Rob and myself. I started and did 5 reps, Rob came in for 4 I think then I think I did another 2, then Rob 2 and I jumped in with 10s left, but couldn't get it high enough. 13 reps for us, I know Gary and Jay did 14; not sure about Fe and Jack.

Overall it was great experience, new things learned and confidence is really high now.
Here's some pics from the Sat show;

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