Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kristyn's 8.21.10 workout

Well after a so-so performance in Sequim, I got back to the Warehouse for some good hard training.  I did a bit in the gym this past week, but really not much.  It's been a pretty busy and stressful time, so I haven't really been pushing it.  Since the events for Nationals were just posted up, I figured it's time to really start getting back into some hardcore training.  The events at Nationals are...

400 lb Yoke for 60'
130 lb Axle Clean and Press for reps, clean each rep
200 lb Keg Carry and 350 lb Chain Drag, 60' each
Harness Truck Pull 80'
220 Stone over Bar for reps

So for my first really focused workout today, I hit...

We timed each of the runs with 426.  Got 15.34 seconds on the first run and then 12.94 on the 2nd run.  I think that's pretty quick, but I can be faster.  I think my goal time will be under 10 seconds.

Keg Carry
Um, holy cow, a 200 lb keg is really brutal.  I guess right now I'm just glad I could even carry the thing the whole way.  I can't wait to start combining the carry with a drag...  That is gonna be a fun fun fun event!  Yeah!  My goal here will be to finish the entire distance in the 60 second time limit.

3x148 to 52", no tacky
2x1x210 to approximately 48" w/tacky  (this is a post-surgery PR!)
So I am guessing that the bar will be around 48" at Nationals, but I should probably find that out.  I really gotta work on my stones if I'm gonna rep out a 220, even if it is with tacky.  The 210 came up really quick off the ground today, it really surprised me, but then pulling it up onto my chest was super hard!  Once it got up on my chest, I saw stars both times!  I definitely have a lot of work to do, that is for sure!!!  My goal for Nationals will be to get the 220 at least 5 times :-)

I feel good about today's workout.  Now it's time to make a plan to be as strong as possible at Nationals!  I have a title to earn back!!!

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