Saturday, August 21, 2010

Animal Barbbell Club at the Samurai Fitness Center 8/21/10

The "BIG KAHUNA" Pat Coleman.

This years contest poster.

Bulky Boy gym bag & ANIMAL PAK shirts are everywhere!

Corey St Clair warming up on some Hang Cleans.

Shukin warming up on Cleans too.  He had never done them before.

Shukin and Corey St Clair.

Corey increasing the weight a little.

HIGA about to do some Power Clean & presses.

HIGA cleaning 255 lbs.


MacMillan jumped in with NO warm-up and cleaned/pressed this bar.  Crazy guy!

Shukin doing some squats.

Corey admiring the size of Anderson Silva's biceps...I mean MacMillan's biceps.

Shukin getting ready to try and squat 315 lbs.

Corey giving Shukin some tips on how to one-arm snatch this dumbbell.

Shukin snatching a dumbbell.

HIGA about to snatch a 115 lb dumbbell.

115 lb dumbbell

This year's contest poster.

Last year's contest poster.

Meggie rocking the "Shut up & train" ANIMAL shirt.

Corey teaching Shukin how to "woodchop" on the cables to help make his CORE stronger.


Meggie doing a "Javorek Complex".

HIGA, Corey and Sosa.

TSgt Robinson, Sosa, Corey, Shukin and MacMillan.

Gave this guy a ANIMAL shirt too.

Getting a post-workout smoothie at Mx-Nutrishop.

Animal Pak & Universal Nutrition brochures at Mx-Nutrishop.

Old skool!  "Mr Hawaiian Islands" Pat Coleman.

Kiyoko mixing up some protein smoothies for us.

"Arigato Kiyoko-san!"

This was funny cause this was on the floor of the hangar and there were HUNDREDS of people there.

Me and Uncle Darren from the "Sons of Hawaii" booth.

Higa, Corey and Uncle Darren.

The booth for the Guam/Marianas Island club.

Whats up Chamorros?

These guys were awesome and had fed us on Friday night too.

This Chamorro is a Pro Boxer here in Japan and fights in the Super-Welterweight class.  He is 4-0 in Japan.

I would hate to "stare down this barrel"!

These airmen flew their jets all the way from South Carolina!

Underneath the wing.

Corey holding up the plane...

You cold tour the inside of every plane on the flight line.


Check this car out..he has no room to carry passengers in the back cause...

He's got this massive speaker box in the back!!

And 6 speakers on each door!  What the hell?

Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

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  1. Hey Grant - way to go! Must have been a great Japan trip. Never been to Yokota but been to several places in Japan and far east during my Navy days, good times! You and strongman buddies look like you did great. Seen a military tail I.D. of YJ, reminds me of my old Navy squadron tail I.D. of YD.
    Your Neighbor,