Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mx-Nutrishop visit at the Samurai Fitness Center (Yokota Air Base, Japan)

Animal Pak and Bulky Boy hats.

Of course you gotta have some ANIMAL products!

Universal Nutrition also representing in his store!

The owner Fernando Olsen was actually opening up a new shipment of Bulky Boy shirts and was inventoring them when we walked in.

Rashguards, fight shorts, cargo shorts, and board shorts.

Shukin flew all the way from Hokkaido to meet us for a workout.

Shukin and HIGA

Fernando even sells the Bulky Boy gym bags here!

Corey and Meg St Clair.

"Does this match my skin tone?"

Poker chips set and cookie tin.

The #1 selling shirt for Fernando out of his store!  My friend Pat Coleman had all of his security guards use this shirt for the "Central Japan Bodybuilding" contest they had a couple of weeks ago!

Corey was thumbing through Fernando's store brochure and saw this on the back page...

A full page ad of Bulky Boy!  This is on all of the brochures he has in the store, and at his gym down in Nagoya!

Higa and the staff of the Mx-Nutrishop Japan.

The Primo tank top is another big seller for Fernando!

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