Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kristyn's 8.28.10 workout

Axle Clean and Press (clean each rep)
5x129 (timed for 60 seconds)
Ugh, having to clean each rep makes a HUGE difference!!!  Now, I just have to double what I did today and I will be happy!!!

Sled Drag
These felt pretty easy, just gotta get a bit quicker.  Combining the drag with the keg carry first is gonna be super rough, but manageable.

3x125  (to 52", no tacky)
3x148  (to 52", no tacky)
1x205  (to 48", w/tacky)
2x1x pick 250  (w/tacky)
Okay, so no, I didn't load the 250, but whatever, picking it is pretty freaking awesome anyway!!!  This is definitely a PR for me!!!  Felt pretty great, now if I can just stand up with the damn thing I will be good to go!!!

Overall I'd say I had a pretty decent workout today.  I'm really happy with my stone work, definitely will start to focus a lot more on the top half though.  Next weekend will be truck pulling time and do the keg carry and drag all together!!!  Fun times!  Can't wait!

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