Sunday, August 15, 2010

"Sequim Crew Showdown" pics & videos

Contest t-shirt.

Rocking the Animal Pak logo on the sleeve!

Kaiea showing that she is an ANIMAL.

Breakfast at "Tarcisio's".  Dungeness crab & shrimp omellete for me!

With a side order of bacon!

Kaiea is very happy with her breakfast too!

My friend Breck Gault is so badass, that he bleeds out of his neckrolls.  LOL

This is where the contest was held.

Sarge was able to get 4 bleachers and use an entire parking lot.

The Conan's Wheel.  Damn that thing was long.

Sequim is known for having so much lavendar growing around here.

Kaiea loves lavendar too cause purple is her favorite color.

Alex Whitaker trying out the Viking Press.

So, I had a surprise for my training partner Laurion...

He has been training with us for the past 7 months and...

I felt it was time to give him an official "HIGA MONSTER" shirt for all his hard work.  Zack and Kristyn were so happy for him and knew that this was a big event.

Welcome to the club Laurion!

Sarge giving out the rules briefing.  "If you can't lift any of these weights, then you SUCK!"

Rules briefing.

Animal Pak logo on Alex Whitaker's arm.

"Massive" Matty Parkes and Jamie "Victoria's Secret" Templeman.  I was so happy to see these guys!  Haven't seen them in about 2 years.  They ferried across the water from Victoria, Canada to help out with the contest.

GOARMY.COM was a sponsor of the contest and they gave out t-shirts.  I told Jamie & Matt that I was going to send this picture to the Canadian Prime Minister and tell him that they have defected and enlisted in the US Army.  LOL

Bulky Boy strongwoman Kristyn Vytlacil carrying a keg.

Kristyn Vytlacil trying to drag this sled for 50 feet.

Zack Nims carrying a keg to his sled.

Zack Nims dragging alot of weight!

Sequim's own Breck Gault dragging a sled.

Laurion Burchal is about to load his keg into the sled.

Kristyn Vytlacil in the Tire Flip.

Kristyn walking with the Farmers Walk handles.

Kaiea hanging out with her friends.

Laurion Burchal flipping a tire.

Zack Nims picking up the Farmers Walk while Kristyn cheers him on.

Laurion Burchal in the Viking Press.

Zack Nims doing the Viking Press.

"Nasty" Nate Bolling doing a lap on the Conan's Wheel.

Congrats to the HIGA MONSTERS who competed in Sequim!  I'm proud of all 3 of them!

Man, Kristyn and Zack needs to tan...

Will Dinwiddie, Jamie Templeman, Chris Lee & Mike Reed.

Sarge autographing a little girls t-shirt.

Congrats to all 16 competitors!

Group shot of competitors & staff.

This DJ was playing music for us all day long.

Arron Nakashima won this BSN poster for "Smallest man with the biggest heart" award.  He drove all the way from Idaho to compete and now he has arms that look like Dennis Wolf!  LOL

Sarge gave away so much of these 6 lb jugs from Met-Rx to the winner of each weight class.

Zack won this pack of supps from BSN for his dominance in the Atlas Stones event.

Then, Zack won this 6 lb jug of protein for winning the Middleweight men!

Elliot Baum won this jug of protein for his 1st place win in the Heavyweight Men.

Kristyn won this jug of protein for her 1st place finish.

Elliot's tattoo.  We miss you Jesse Marunde...

Alex Whitaker (Monmouth, Oregon) got 2nd overall in the HW's.  He scored a gym bag full of goodies from Atlas Nutrition.  Atlas Nutrition supplies most of the drinks & protein bars you will see in all gyms and smoothie shops in the Seattle area and all of King County.

Kristyn also won a $100 gift certificate for Grassland Beef for her win!

Zack also won a $100 gift certificate from Grassland Beef for his win in the Middleweight men.

Matthew White won the "Brute Strength" award for being the only guy to load the 393 lb stone.

Higa and Elliot Baum.

Me and Zack's Dad.  He drove up from Seaside, Oregon to cheer his boy on.

Alex Whitaker and Higa.

Jamie, Higa and Matty.

Jamie Templeman, Higa and Matty Parkes doing a posedown.

It was a HOT day of competition in Sequim, WA.  It was 92 degrees!  "Sarge" John Allen put together some of the fattest goodie bags for all of the competitors and staff.
Sarge went above and beyond in taking care of all the competitors.  There were 5 weight classes and the winner of each class won a $100 gift certificate from Grassland Beef AND a 6 lb jug of protein from Met-Rx.
PLUS, he gave away a jug of protein for the best performance in each of the 5 events!  That is a lot of product that was given out!  Way cool!
I was very proud of my 3 training partners/friends that competed yesterday!  The HIGA MONSTER is very fortunate to be able to workout with a group like them because they show alot of heart and work their tails off all year round.
Thanks again Sarge for a great weekend in Sequim!  Looking forward to doing this again next year!

Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

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  1. Theres a reason why they call you "strongmen" but I still can't believe how you guys can push your bodies to that extent! It's amazing!! Have a great trip to Japan. The girls will have fun in Disneyland for sure. See you when you get back!! Be safe and take care! xoxo Auntie Betty