Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Zach Gallmann at gets 2nd place at Maryland's Strongest man!

275lb log for 9 reps (clean and press each rep)

The crowd was a lot more excited than they look, I swear!

Lightweight Pro and Maryland State Chairman, Andy Deck, calling rep number 8 for the tie, one more for the win!

280 stone to 54" and 340 stone to 48", alternating for reps

8th rep to take the lead...

but only good enough for a second place.

There was also a 500lb axle deadlift where I placed 2nd with 10 reps, an 800lb yoke walk, which I'd rather not talk about, haha, and a carry and drag medley which I got 4th place in, less than a second away from the first place competitor, so it was close, and just enough for a second place overall!

This was a great contest and I had a lot of fun!  Now on to my home state of New Jersey to compete in the "Lift for Riley and Jack", a charity strongman competition for two kids with Cystic Fibrosis... I hope we raise a lot of money for them... and if you're in the Rahway, NJ area, come say hi!  It'll be at the Power and Fitness gym!  Hope to get a ton of pictures too!

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