Monday, August 23, 2010

Last day in Japan for HIGA

Departure times in English...

Now its in Kanji.

Pretty cool glass sculpture in Narita airport.

Sashimi time!  I love eating sushi at this airport!

They had huge prawns!  Look how fresh the mackerel is too!

An outstanding nigiri sushi plate.

I also had this Salmon/Tuna Don.

All of this was made of Origami.

It was pretty cool!

Me and Corey saying our goodbyes.

Corey and his wife Meg.

Corey, Meg and Higa.

This was AWESOME.  I was waiting to board my plane and I saw Rich "Ace" Franklin and Dustin Hazelett walk by me!  They spent a week overseas visiting US Troops for the UFC and were headed back home to Cincinnati, Ohio.  I was stoked to meet Mr Franklin because he is a future UFC Hall of Fame fighter.

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