Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Yokota Strongman Challenge" (Yokota Air Base, Japan)

Contest t-shirt

Corey giving me some pressure point massage in the gym.  "Can you please rub lower Corey?"

My left side of my back was tight from the plane ride!

The new Yoke we used for the contest.  A bit rickety, but it held out.

Farmers Walk handles.  These were too short in length, but we made do.

Yoshi-san gave me a cool care package of Japanese souvenirs!  In return I gave him a "Shut up and train" shirt and some Journey training books from Animal Pak.

I dropped off three shirts to the Guamanian Club food booth for feeding me & Corey.

Akebono (former Yokozuna sumo champion)

I was very excited to meet him cause I used to watch him while living in Hawaii.  He's the first non-Japanese person to reach "Yokozuna" status in sumo.

Muto-san won this Bulky Boy shirt from me 2 years ago when he won this contest.  He told me he was going to wear it today in honor of me giving it to him.

One of the music bands playing near our contest site.

Yoshi and another competitor from Kyoto.

The staff of the Samurai Fitness Center that helped put this contest on.

Corey & I with the Base Commander of Yokota Air Base.

Reppin the Animal Pak & Universal banners.

Competitor doing the Farmers Walk.

Shukin doing the Farmers Walk.

Look at how he is carrying the one in his left hand!  He actually finished it that way!

Muto-san doing the Farmers Walk.

Corey St Clair doing a demo with the Farmers Walk.

Then, Fernando Olsen got off the microphone and tried them out too.

Fernando crossing himself over a bit.  LOL

HIGA doing a demo with the Log.


HIGA still doing the Log.

The awesome trophies for the competitors.

Tire Flip

More tire flipping.

Repping the Bulky Boy gear!

Airman Chris flipping a tire.

Muto-san flipping a tire with Bulky Boy shirt!

Shukin doing the Yoke Walk.

Competitor doing the Trap bar deadlift.

Looks like its heavy for this guy!

Time to load up people for the Bus Pull!

Yoshi successfully defended his title, but it was close!  He and Chris were tied in points but Yoshi won due to the most 1st placings in the entire contest.

Congrats to all 10 competitors!

I was very proud of Shukin!  Good job brah!

Chris got 2nd place and Yoshi was the winner.

I gave these guys some "Shut up & train" shirts too.

Ice cold beer after the long HOT day.

What a "crappy" job...

Funny sign outside of Chili's.

"Brah, I am hot, tired, dehydrated and wasted from today."

We found out that the owner of the "Japanese Car of speaker madness" worked at Chili's!

Man, it sucked cause we had to extend our pass to the base every damn night.  The pass would be good for only 24 hours, and it was worse tonight cause we were so tired from the contest and had to go back to extend the pass before midnight.  As you can see, Corey & I are very happy...

It was a HOT day of competition today.  The temperature was 91 degrees, but with the humidity that heat index was 99 degrees Farenheit.
Congratulations to all 10 competitors that participated!  See you next year!
Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team


  1. Grant..thanks again for coming out. Its great to see you each year, your support is most appreciated, just one thing I'm a sailor not a airman hehe. Hope to see you again next year, best wishes to you and your family.

  2. Thank you for coming and supporting us Grant. You entertain us every year and we love it!
    It was great to see you and get advice from you each year.
    Hope to meet you in the States next time. I'll do my best for that!
    Best wishes to you and your family.


  3. Grant.
    Thank you for the other day.
    We wish to express our gratitude for your geniality.
    Thank you very much.

    I want to become a bulky boy!!!
    ☆Back of the head☆ Muto