Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Oregon State Bodybuilding Championships"

Getting ready to mix some "SHOCK THERAPY" before the demo.

Me & Jono Valentine.  Jono was sporting the "Diamond Plate" shirt & green "Cargo" walking shorts, while I wore the new multi-purpose "Fight shorts" by BULKY BOY.

Nuff said.

Me & my friend Chris Walker.

This guy's name is James.  What a story...he used to drive cross-country in a semi truck, and decided to change his lifestyle and enter in a Bodybuilding contest.  He used to weigh 306 lbs at 31% bodyfat, and yesterday morning he got a Hydro Bodyfat test and was at 4.3%.  What an inspiration to others!

I had a great time at this contest!  The demo was quick, but I had to get it done within the 15 minute intermission.  Thank you to Andre "Bam-Bam" Scott for inviting me to do the log press and represent!
Much aloha,
Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

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  1. If this guys completely natural he could definitely become an ifbb pro on roids. Travis is going to be competing in the 2010 NPC Oregon State Bodybuilding Championships in July. Hey it's like being back in school! hehehe ;) great job though! I'm sure you found it helpful!