Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ken Nowicki, training for UK's Strongest Man 2010!

I'll be competing at UK's Strongest Man for the second time this August 26th. The compeition is an elimination type event lasting 3 days; 2 groups of 8 with 2 guys dropped from each group after each day leading to a 8 man final.

Events on day 1 are:

140kg/ 308# log press for reps from the shoulder
Silver Dollar deadlift for maximum
Golden Egg; I believe this is an egg shaped stone loaded into an egg cup for height
Conan's Torture Circle; yoke walk, but on a pivot like conan's wheel.

Here's my 3rd training session for the silver dollar deadlift; 355kg/ 781#. I'll upload videos pretty much weekly to keep you all updated with my progress!

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