Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kristyn's 7.24.10 workout and PL Meet

This morning, I headed out to the Warehouse to get in an hour of training before I went to the "F the Card" PL meet in Lynnwood, where John was competing in his very first meet.  

Farmers (1.5" handles)
100'x94 w/turn
100'x144 w/turn
100'x164 no turn

Keg Carry

One hour goes by extremely quickly when strongman training, so this is all I managed to get in...

Once I got to Local's Gym, I had the chance to chat with Mel, a woman I've competed with before, and she shared that she was apparently the only woman competing today.  After a little convincing from John and Mel, I decided I may as well compete in the PL meet...  Why not after doing conditioning work yesterday, hitting heavy singles all week and an hour of strongman this morning...  WHY NOT?

I definitely think I had more in me on this one, but 265 is the most I've ever squatted in a meet, so I can't complain.  I did wear my brace, but I know eventually I'll go without it all the time :-)

John's Squat
This was a PR for John, by 30 lbs!

Missed 155
Um, so this is sad and pathetic, but the 145 is a 10 lb PR for a contest...  Whatever though, any PR is better than no PR!

John's Bench 
Missed 265
John, like me, hates benching...  We're gonna have to work on this, ha ha ha.

Missed 345
I had the 345 up to my knees and just couldn't pull any more...  I think my back was pretty toasted by this point and I was just plain tired.  I should be back to deadlifting over 350 again VERY VERY soon!  At least I'd better be!

John's Deadlift
This was a HUGE PR for John and man was I stoked that he got it!  It was quite possibly the longest pull EVER and I am just so proud that he hit this lift.  Deadlift is definitely John's favorite and I know he would've been completely miserable had he not hit this weight.  So proud of him!

All in all, it was a pretty fantastic day!  I felt really good about my meet, my total is definitely better than it's ever been!!!  I have some pretty good videos that I will post up later.  

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