Friday, July 23, 2010

Kristyn's 7.23.10 workout

On Fridays, I spend the afternoon at Everett Physical Therapy doing some conditioning work.  The folks at EPT have really helped me recover well from the ACL repair and they're really helping me get in better cardiovascular shape (which I am beginning to appreciate even more).  I know I wouldn't do any kind of conditioning work on my own if I didn't go to EPT, just because I don't enjoy it, so I think I'll try to keep up with it so that I'm not completely out of cardiovascular shape.

5 mins

Dynamic Flex warm-up


13 minute circuit including...
ER Rip
Jump Rope
Hands in Ladders
8 Counts
Single Leg KB Swings
Stair Run
Inverted Row
Band Row
3 Hurdle Agility
Assisted Pull-ups
Mountain Climbers

Foam Roll and Stretch

So I really really really need to start stretching regularly...  My flexibility is extremely lacking and I'm certain it affects my lifts.  Gotta find a way to work it into my daily routine...  

And, on a more exciting note...  tomorrow I am headed to Local's Gym in Lynnwood to watch the "F the Card" powerlifting meet, where my fiance, John, will be competing for the first time ever!!!  I'm super stoked to watch him and probably just as nervous as he is for his first show!  He is scheduled to have knee surgery August 5, so he'll be out of the game for a bit.  Hopefully his recovery is just as fast as mine was!!!

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