Saturday, July 10, 2010

HIGA at the pre-judging of the "Oregon State Bodybuilding Championships"

Tom Fuller & me outside of the auditorium at Parkrose High School.

Kaiea was a great helper, and was pushing the log & weights for me.

Me & big Gabriel.  He is trying to qualify for the USA's later this month.

Kaiea helping organize the "Cardio Sucks" t-shirts for us.

Tom, me and Kaiea in front of the ANIMAL PAK booth.

The log is loaded up to 370 lbs in front of this backdrop.


"Poppa, this is nothing!  I can lift this log!"

Me & Jono Valentine.  He drove down from Washington and loves BULKY BOY products.  He told me he just made an online order recently!  We are sporting the shorts and ankle socks in this picture!  I got on the "OFF THE SCALE" boardshort and Jono has the "RIP STOP" walk short on.

I got less than 4 hours before the evening show starts here in Portland, Oregon!  I'm gonna press up a heavy Log for the audience here at the "Oregon State Bodybuilding Championships" and will post pics and video tonight.!
Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team

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