Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ken Nowicki, Winter Giants Strongman 2010

Evening folks, had a nice wee trip to the Manchester area today for the Winter Giants strongman comp. I placed third overall which I am over the moon about!! Back in the gym on Tuesday to start the prep for Arnold's and the British Grand Prix!

The events were:

-110k farmers for max distance on a 20m course
-127k log for reps from the floor
-sandbag loading medley; 95k, 100k 110k 15m run in
-300kg deadlift for reps from 16"
-pressing medley; 95k keg, 130k axle, 75k dumbbell, 95k sandbag
-stones to 56"; 110k, 120k, 140k, 160k, 180k

Here's the video from todays comp:

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