Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ken Nowicki, 2011 Starts Here!!

Hey Folks,

Have missed a few updates recently so here are a few videos from the pre-xmas training:

I had a week off over christmas to recover a bit from the hard training recently and had my first session back today.

First day back in the gym today, was a good session but feeling it already!!


Push Press- 60/6/3, 100/3/1, 120/2, 135/1,152/1 PB, 160/f Pretty happy with this, the 152k felt a walk in the park, but think I just bigged up the 160k in my head too much and messed it up. Soon though!

Bench- 60/6, 90/5, 110/4, 125/3, 135/3, 140/2

Seated DBs- 35/8, 42/5/8, 50/4, 40/10

BB Row- 70/8, 100/8, 120/8, 140/8, 160/8, 180/5

Power Snatch- 70/3, 90/1/1/1/1/1, 1 handed 50/10/10 (one set per hand)

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