Sunday, December 5, 2010

HIGA MONSTER wins the 6th Annual "Fife Power Company Holiday Classic" (Fife, WA)

It has been 10 years since I have competed in a U.S.A. Powerlifting sanctioned contest.  I wanted to break the state records before my 40th birthday.  This contest was near my home so I was glad to compete.
Fife High School is the alumni of my friend Ali McWeeney.  She was competing in the Bench Press & Deadlift portion of this contest.

Well, I was able to win my class and walk away with 3 state records in the Squat (650 lbs), Deadlift (606 lbs) and Total (1664 lbs).  I also won the "Best Open Male Lifter" award and just missed the "Best Overall Male Lifter" which I am MAD at myself for not winning.
Apparently, I missed winning that award by a couple of kilos.  If I had a better Bench Press or Deadlifted a higher 3rd attempt, I may have won that award.
Oh well, live and learn.  Its been 10 years since I have been on a USAPL Powerlifting platform.  Maybe, I will do another contest next year and improve on those lifts.
A big mahalo to my wife & daughters, Louie Floresca and Breck Gault who were there cheering me on in my lifts!

Much aloha,
Grant Higa Bulky Boy strongman team


  1. Grant - Just finished watching your lifting on you tube. It was very impressive and just to let you know that we are all so proud of you and your strength. May it continue for you.

  2. Ho hawaiian looking good ...glad to see you still lifting i'll be in chico,ca in march for a meet going to set new world record in the bench 530lbs at 181... aloha cuz (Keith Daniels)